With advancements in technology moving at a rapid pace, many companies are expecting their business to run more efficiently. A major roadblock can be when outdated tools are used with the new tech. This means IT teams can struggle with complex systems such as Identity and Access Management. Those systems require more modern tools to produce the best results in a timely manner. The fact that IT is required to provide easy and secure access to numerous cloud-based apps doesn’t make things easier when legacy tools are used.

When using solutions such as CA Technologies SiteMinder and Oracle Access Manager, it can present problems. Those solutions aren’t equipped when it comes to managing cloud applications. Not only are these legacy tools complex, but they also take up resources and are expensive to maintain. Due to the complexity, IT admins are often hesitant to make changes following deployment. As a result, the system is more susceptible to security exploits. There is also a loss in productivity with older tools. Often times they will require server downtime and can have numerous outages. This can waste a significant amount of time.

The good news is there are solutions out there that avoid these issues. One of them is OneLogin. This solution greatly reduces resource requirements. Personal costs are also decreased heavily. With OneLogin, IT also gets a more modern solution. This means easier access control, allowing IT to improve efficiency when it comes to giving employees cloud and web app access.

Security concerns with legacy tools aren’t a problem with modern solutions. The solution provides more flexibility with Multi-Factor Authentication and Adaptive Authentication. These are features that older tools didn’t provide and IT used to have to manually ensure there were no security problems. A simple sign-in portal is also available through OneLogin, making it easier to access on-premises and SaaS apps.