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The New Building on the Beach

Situated on the resort beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, there is a new building that might be mistaken for a five star resort hotel. It does indeed boast a restaurant designed by an international chef. It has a grand piano in its lobby. The lobby also boasts overstuffed chairs and fluffy sofas, and artwork by the internationally famous Japanese artist, Yakuta Toyota. Alas, this is not a hotel, however. It is a hospital called thh Copa Star. It is the brainchild of D’Or’s Jorge Moll, the executive of the company. He decided that D’Or should build a luxury hospital.

And, it is luxurious. The patients’ rooms are suites of rooms, each with its own bathroom. Each suite has an electronic tablet to be used by the patient to control the drapes, the temperature, and even the lighting. The same tablet can be used to contact the staff, the nurses, or even the doctors. The doctor can call the patient on the tablet and discuss and show the patient the latest test results.

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Each of the 59 intensive care rooms have a spacious, large screen video feed of the beach, the corridors in the hospital, or even the street outside. This is to give the intensive care unit patient the feeling of seeing the world, because of the closed-in feeling of isolation that is the complaint of most intensive care unit patients.

The restaurant was designed by a chef, and it does not serve the cafeteria-style food that a lot of hospitals serve. It has a gourmet food menu that competes with any in the world.

The operating rooms (there are nine of them) boast the latest robot equipment and machinery. The doctors can run tests as they are operating, both at the same time.

D’Or plans to open more hospitals like the Copa Star. They are planning one in Brasilia and one in Sao Paulo. The operate a number of hospitals in Brazil.

A new construction method was initiated in building the Copa Star. Because of its narrow size, construction equipment had to be refitted to work in the small area. This led to the creation of a new style of making concrete, leading to a savings of 50 per cent of the energy costs.

We will likely be hearing more about D’Or as the company expands its new idea on luxury hospitals.

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Healthy Dining with OSI Group

Americas’ Top 100

When it comes to healthy food production for consumption, think about OSI Group. From fish, poultry, bakery and cheese, OSI Group has you covered. It is the world’s premier supplier of tailored value added food in addition to top foodservice and retail brands. Being one of the top notch private firms in U.S, OSI Group offers unmatched resources and reach. It has broad capabilities of providing specified food products in addition to global food supply and chain management. OSI Group also majors in the processing and distribution of food while delivering custom food products to fit client demands while maximizing their opportunity.


With over 65 facilities including 20,000 workers spread in 17 countries, OSI Group focuses on manufacturing quality food products to support client’s operation and promote future growth featuring responsiveness aside from consistency. The team ensures your customers enjoy the experience of tasty food all over the world. OSI team partners with the top foodservice providers to offer solutions based on concepts- to -table for client satisfaction. Featuring infrastructure inclusive of financial resources, the company offers you different capabilities to acquire, manufacture and supply specific food solutions across the world.

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
For fresh, modern strategies to meet the food demands of future generations, turn to OSI Group. At the hub of the firm is a passion for entrepreneurship accompanied by agility, leading to curiosity and client collaborations. They will transform your ideas into success stories because they are concerned with the effects of their business to the community. OSI strives to promote healthy relationships with the society and environments they affect. They work to manage their activities responsibly through social, environmental and economic platforms while exploring strategies for constant improvement and sustainability. The efforts of sustainability cover global networks and the food industry have a special recognition for them.

Careers and Employment

At OSI Group, they strongly believe that their workers control and impact on the company’s success. Therefore, they offer success opportunities by providing employment across the world. With success being the core objective, they strive to develop and create an environment that throws challenges as well as exciting, rewarding opportunities. OSI Group employs people who have cultivated the virtue of patience and are passionate about working for an industry leading food manufacturers. To them, employees matter hence the fair treatment that incorporates leave days. They also seek to employ people who can assist in the development of innovative solutions.