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Technological Advancement

SpaceX Reaching New Milestone in Private Space Launch Industry

The entrepreneurial efforts of Elon Musk have already thrust our society into the future in transformational ways. He helped to invent the concept of sending money between people over the internet by founding a company that eventually became PayPal. His car company, Tesla, has done more to popularize the concept of electric cars than all of the models released by the major automakers. His most exciting enterprise to date, as far as its effect on our future, is SpaceX.

SpaceX has been sending satellites and other cargo to Earth orbit for years now. This company has brought down the costs of space travel by successfully recovering rockets that have already been launched into space on multiple occasions. It has been reported that this space launch company has doubled its record for the number of annual space launches this year. It is, in fact, only a little shy of matching the total number of launches they did over the past three years combined.

The very concept of a private space launch company is one that many doubted would succeed when SpaceX first opened its doors. The fact that it is continuing to pick up contracts for launches of satellites shows that this latest effort is poised for success and that it has a leg up on any new competitors that may enter the field.

In a day and age of ever-tightening government budgets, it is heartening for those of us who believe in the value of space travel that private industry is beginning to take up the mantle of this important endeavor. Granted, private companies have not done pioneering exploratory missions such as the Apollo trips to the moon of a few decades ago, but that may soon change. Elon Musk has made no secret of the fact that he wants to see humanity get to Mars and that this is what is truly motivating these first steps into Earth orbit. He hopes that these missions will lay the groundwork for learning and technological breakthroughs that will make these tentative first steps into space by private industry be the beginning of a great step forward for humanity.

Rick Smith; the genius behind the rapid growth of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a renowned tech executive with a wealth of experience that spans over several decades. Rick took over reigns at Securus Technologies on June 2008 where he serves as the president of the company. Rick Smith has unmatched expertise where he has served in administrative capacities at various companies in his career.For almost a decade, Mr. Rick served as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom. Under his leadership, the company increased its annual revenues from $30 million to more $350 million. He also raised EBITDA to $80 million. After the exemplary performance, Rick Smith led Eschelon to a lucrative IPO in the year 2005.

Rick Smith move to Securus Technologies

Rick Smith’s star was already shining brightly when he made an unexpected move from Eschelon to Securus Technologies in 2008. Mr. Smith initially served as the CEO but was made the chairman of the company in 2009. As the CEO of Securus Technologies, Smith was responsible for day-to-day running of the business. He actively participated in the design and implementation of expansion plans by the company. The company has so far managed to invest over $600 million in upgrading its infrastructure and enhancing the services offered to their customers. Mr. Rick has also overseen the signing of significant partnerships between the company and other service providers in the telecommunication industry. These partnerships are aimed at enhancing service delivery to correctional facilities and security agencies across the country. Besides, Rick has guided Securus in securing licenses for their numerous innovative tech solutions. Rick Smith has managed to create a culture of teamwork within Securus technologies. This is where employees work as a team to come up with innovative products that provide a seamless working environment for their clients. Due to this, the firm has won the heart of many clients that include correctional facilities, incarcerated individuals and their family members, as well as public safety entities. The company is currently serving more than 2000 correctional centers across the U.S. The firm has received praises from correctional officers and other people for their outstanding service delivery. The company is working hand-in-hand with correctional facilities, government security agencies and the public to monitor activities in the correctional facilities which help in combating crimes.

Rick Smith’s educational background

Rick Smith is an education proponent who believes that ‘knowledge is power.’ Mr. Smith keeps tabs with the developments in the tech sector by taking short professional courses in line with his career. He also attends educational conferences.Rick Smith earned his degrees from some of the top universities in the world. He studied electrical engineering at the Buffalo-based State University of New York and an MBA from the renowned university of Rochester.

About Securus Technologies

Securus is a tech-based company that was established in 1986. The firm has been providing outstanding solutions to correctional and security agencies that aim at combating crime rates in the country. The tech giant also gives inmates an opportunity to communicate with their loved ones.

Elon Musk is Still Working Towards Mars

Recently, multi-billionaire CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of electric car giant Tesla’s Elon Musk has reaffirmed that his biggest goal is to someday colonize Mars. The business tycoon has long been documented as having quite the affinity for the red planet and has dedicated most of his adult life to the pursuit of humans being an interplanetary species. Although SpaceX makes a living currently off of both delivering satellites into outer space for a variety of US and international clients and delivering supplies to the International Space Station, Musk’s true intention with SpaceX is to use it as a vehicle through which Mars may one day be colonized. To aid the engineer and his team he is calling upon the Falcon Heavy. Although this may sound like a fictional science fiction aircraft it is actually quite real and quite powerful. The first test flight of the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s largest rocket to date, is scheduled for later this summer although SpaceX is frequently known to push back scheduled launches in order to fine tune their design. This is completely understandable of course seeing that each launch of the Falcon Heavy is estimated to cost around ninety million dollars. Even Musk himself has said that it is unlikely the Falcon Heavy will be successful on its first attempt at space flight due to the almost insurmountable number of steps and stages that need to happen with near impossible perfection in order to be successful. It’s unlikely that in any of our lifetimes we will see Mars be fully colonized. But if I’m putting money on anyone or any company to achieve the mammoth feat it’s going to be Elon Musk and his brainchild SpaceX.