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Bob Reina Introduces New Software Featuring WebRTC Technology

The Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina recently launched an improved version of Live Meetings. It is a computer program that makes real-time communication seamless. The new application has an updated interface and also makes use of the popular WebRTC technology. Speaking in an online broadcast, Reina said that the improved software was a big step made by the company in providing quality services for its clients. He added that they have been trying to take advantage of the latest sophisticated technology to make interaction easy among people.


Product Functionality


Live Meetings is a service which allows users to hold video-based conferences. It is one of the best platforms to conduct long-distance meetings and make presentations. Besides, the application has the capacity of supporting up to 500 participants and a maximum number of 15 hosts. Those engaged in the conference can use gadgets such as smartphones, PC or tablets.


Improvements on the Software


There are several improvements to the software which have greatly improved its functionality. For instance, the new software no longer requires a separated voice download. Users can easily access it through whatever browsers they are using. The new update makes it convenient, improves compatibility and also saves time for users since they will not need to download and install and Adobe Flash Player or any other plug-in software.


Talk Fusion has in the recent years continued to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to the use of sophisticated technology. In an effort to attract more Video Suit and Live Meetings users, Bob and his team have adopted the newest promotional methods ( This is a strategic move that is intended to bring in more users on the platform and to keep competition at bay. While addressing an audience during the launch of the software, the company founder and CEO said that there was no technology that can be compared with WebRTC.


There is no doubt that the new upgrade is going to attract more users and generate more income for the company. Bob Reina has worked so hard to bring Talk Fusion to what it is currently. He left the police force to pursue his entrepreneurship ambitions. After working as a salesperson for several years, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. The company has since then been growing in bounds introducing the latest forms of technology to the market. As founder and CEO, the sky appears to be his limit for Reina.


Talk fusion Supports Other Businesses Success.

Talk Fusion is a famous and verified firm known for providing excellent training programs that are practical and efficient for company success. The company is committed to seeing the growth and development of other businesses through rendering; marketing expertise skills, motivational posts on live platforms and winning mindset mentality. Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion with extraordinary experience as a network marketer.


Recently the Fusion Company launched a new program known as Talk Fusion University that took training sessions on a whole new class. Bob, an expert in direct selling, utilizes this platform of University to convey training to Associates of Talk Fusion virtually.


Rob Reina, the CEO, and founder of talk Fusion established his Company in 2007. He has gathered essential skills in network marketing with his working experience of more than 25 years. Before joining direct selling in 1990, Reina was serving under the county of Hillsborough, Florida as a police officer. At that particular time, he didn’t have any experience in sales, and the probability of him thriving in this sector was quite low. However, he devised a duplicable system consisting of four steps that propelled him to make significant earnings.


According to Reina the success of a business is not determined by an individual, but it is a team sports game. People vary in personality, education, backgrounds, work experience and so forth .thus for a company to generate significant profit a system that focuses on what is working for all is essential and practical for company success.


Bob is a skilled and a proved expert in network marketing he fought and found his way to the top and has trained many others to find their way too. He feels an obligation to transform other people from being average to gurus in direct selling. Reina believes every person deserves an opportunity to learn how to earn more and live a happier life. Learn more:


Talk Fusion marketing strategy and pricing of their brands is marvelous. They have qualified Independent Associates worldwide who market the company’s products through direct selling in over 139 countries. Additionally, they offer Free Trials of 30days for Video marketing Solution buyers through www.TalkFusion.Com