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The American Institute of Architects is an institution that is working towards building and adding skills to different architects in the United States of America. Its headquarters is in Washington D.C. The institution offers great help to different architects across the country by educating them and also improving the lives of its community. The American Institute of Architects works in collaboration with other companies associated with building design where they work together to ensure that there is smooth coordination in the industry.

The American Institution of Architects is headed by Robert Ivy who is the Chief Executive Officer. He has had very impressive achievements while in the industry of architecture. Among his achievement was using his position to champion the use of architect to building and improving health infrastructure.

Robert Ivy improved the American Institute of Architects so as to create the awareness of the kind of work and importance of architects in the society. He was born in America and specifically in Mississippi. Robert Ivy is an Alumnus of Sewanee University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and later on went to further his studies where he did his masters degree in Architecture from Tulane. Robert Ivy is well known for his works on publications to do with an architect who made Robert be well known across the country. His publications made him get awards and among them were the G.D Crain Award and also were acknowledged by Alpha Rho Chi and the architect community as the Master of Architect. Mr. Robert Ivy has also been admitted as a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics.

To make it official that one was a certified architect, laws had to be made and a group of professionals had to come up with proper laws. Before the American Institute of Architects was formed people would abuse the profession and this led to the introduction of laws to govern and regulate Architects. The laws made to govern the different architects were put in their constitution in the year 1860. It was named the New York Society of Architects which later on came to be known as the American Institute of Architect.

American Institute of Architects has registered over 100,000 members who are licensed and work professionally under the code of ethics and professional conduct. The architects have to adhere to the code of conduct which is supposed to make the client be sure that the chosen architect is dedicated to their work and will perform their duties as required by the law. Architects no longer get rogue because of the American Institute of Architects which has come to make sure that architects work professionally across the country with the help of their able CEO Mr. Robert Ivy who is a respected person among all architects.

NewsWatch TV Testimony Shows Positive Review About the Brand

Recently, Steel Series, a global headphone company based in Denmark, worked with NewsWatch on a couple of film projects aimed at promoting their headphones. According to Tori Pugliese, the Global Marketing Director of Steel Series, NewsWatch was very helpful as they handled all production aspects. They were effective in scripting, editing, and distribution of the product’s promotional content.


Pugliese appreciates the role that NewsWatch played in their production. The video pieces about Steel Series were aired nationwide and massively on the online platforms. The contributions of NewsWatch concerning the preproduction and postproduction aspects of the promotion are highly valued. The videos were able to generate massive social media support and market gain.


About NewsWatch TV


NewsWatch is an American TV show that airs 30 minutes on a weekly basis. The show is on ION and AMC networks. The TV program was launched in 1989 and ever since its inception, they have produced over 1000 episodes. NewsWatch covers an array of contents and subjects such as health, medicine, product releases, tours and travel, fashion, electronics, and public awareness. In the recent past, a number of high profile personalities have featured on NewsWatch and some of them include Dr. Oz, Julianne Moore, Diana Lane, and Phil Mickelson.


The show has also featured popular global brands such as Good Year Bounty, Toyota, D-Link, Ford, and LG. NewsWatch has its headquarters at Fairfax VA, and the programs are currently led by a team of top hosts who include Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, and Michael Ison. The hosts are experienced in delivering productive customer content. There are many good reviews about NewsWatch as the show enjoys decades of quality TV production.




Overall, NewsWatch has been effective in delivering rich episodes since its launching. Their specialties include media tours, video releases, broadcast media, and entertainment. The team of hosts and producers is dedicated to delivering quality content around the globe.


Understanding craft Beer with Eli Gershkovitch

Canadians are widely known for their love for beer irrespective of where they come from. Craft beer is one of the alcoholic drinks that is most popular in Canada. Its consumption and sale has been on the rise despite there being a steady drop when it comes to per capita growth. Breweries all over the country have been working extra hard in order to produce lots of refined beer barrels to meet the demand that is ever increasing. At first, craft breweries adopted unanimously the title microbreweries although they have surpassed expectations eventually to acquire unprecedented success (GazetteDay). Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery for example, generates more than $20 million worth of beer sales while the industry is topped by Ontario Craft Brewers who sell more than 400,000 hecalitres of beer every year.

There are many different types of craft beers that are currently in the market. One such example is the Red Racer Pale Ale. This type of craft beer is brewed by the Central City Brewing which is based in the city of Surrey. Recently, the Red Racer Pale Ale acquired prominence after the Central City was honored with the 2012 Canadian Brewing Award due to its malt and grapefruit taste and Glutenberg Belgian Double is also another form of Canadian craft beer that has managed to acquire lots of popularity among consumers. The beer is brewed in Montreal, Quebec and is free from gluten. Glutenberg is known for its spicy and warm flavor that comes from molasses and cloves.

Eli Gershkovitch is known as Jack-of-all-trades due to his involvement in many different occupations. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Steamworks Brewery and is also a pilot and a professional lawyer. Under Eli’s leadership, Steamworks has managed to register a lot of growth and success. He has overseen the brewery’s development into a money minting entity of 40,000 hectoliter. In 1993, Eli Gershkovitch managed to acquire his pilot’s license and in 2009, his ultimate test came through when he completed his first flight all the way from Vancouver to Europe and then back. Eli has managed to earn a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient CEOs.

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Edisoft Improves Global Supply Chain Activities

Earlier, transportation departments viewed measuring on-time performance as the most preferred primary indicator for performance. Each of the transportation segments utilized its unique measuring technique. For instance, air and ocean carriers were measured using on-time performance whereas service types measured motor carriers. At the moment, key primary indicators (KPI) have evolved thus incorporating various aspects such as financial, physical and regulatory details required for the supply chain. Massive data is being presented to shippers for the enhancement of supply chain performance. The availability of detailed information is spearheaded by the use of sophisticated GPS data sets and tracking systems. Additionally, the internet of things is the key contributor of the worldwide trading partners through the providence of smartphone solutions.

According to Stephanie Miles, the latest KPIs are directed towards focusing on metrics and trading partners rather than laying focus on isolated activities (Bloomberg). Datasets are being evaluated regarding different business models such as international shipments, logistic functions, and the compliance. Mrs. Miles provides the characteristics of an enhanced key primary indicator. Stephanie stipulates that a best-in-class KPI entails exact data information concerning trade zone feedback. Additionally, the KPI should indicate the required time that data is presented for custom filings and creation of documents.


Edisoft is a computer software company that creates a platform for supply chain services and configurable smart activities ( Edisoft is widely recognized for its techniques in aiding distributors, and manufacturers make improvements in their performance regarding supply chain operations. Edisoft Inc offers vendor compliance that is automated as well as optimized. The organization can provide these unique services with the help of leverage data that is treated as an asset.


Besides being operational in Toronto, the company’s headquarters, Edison operates in other nations including Canada and the United States of America. Edisoft has expanded its satellite offices in different locations including Florida and Miami. The organization’s line of activities is vast in carrier and warehouse management and is incorporated in a single system. Edisoft is enabled global shipment activities with the aid of its upgraded ERP Integrated solutions. The supply chain has been made robust with Edisoft Inc.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and current CEO of the fun and expressive makeup company Lime Crime. She is known as the “Queen of Unicorns” and can be spotted in a crowd with her bright turquoise, purple, fuchsia, orange, or lime hair and matching (or mismatched) lipstick and sparkly eyeshadow. There’s no one like Doe Deere and there will never be anyone like her. Her love for fun makeup and her desire to be the best version of herself is what has driven her makeup company and brought her the success she’s seen.


Doe Deere has always had a knack for business. At age thirteen, she created a business selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. Her marketing strategy was as simple as wearing them herself and convincing her classmates they were cool. Knowing how awesome she was, her classmates quickly snatched up as many temporary tattoos as they could. This marketing strategy served her well in the future as she began to wear and popularize the makeup she made herself, the same makeup she would later sell after Lime Crime had become a success.


Doe Deere always has a great story to tell when people ask her how she became a success. She was born and raised in Russia. At the age of 17, she moved to New York to become a musician and attend FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where she got a fantastic education. Though the band did not see the success that Lime Crime would see, it’s what ultimately steered Doe Deere to the makeup world.


Doe Deere always loved bright colors but she couldn’t find any in the popular makeup stores. The natural look was in at the time and nude lipsticks, clear glosses, and understated eyeshadows were what lined the shelves. Being the unicorn she is, Doe Deere wasn’t willing to just conform and buy what the stores were selling.


Instead, Doe Deere just made her own makeup. It wasn’t as hard as she expected and she soon realized that other women her age were also gravitating towards the bright colors rather than the natural looks that lined the shelves. And thus Lime Crime was born!


Doe Deere’s best piece of advice to young women aspiring to business is to follow your dreams. She always had a passion for bright makeup so she followed it and it’s brought her immense success. Doe Deere believes that you’ll find the best success by pursuing what you love. She believes that that everyone has something fantastic to contribute to this world that we share. If you have a passion, pursue it! Learn more:


Lime Crime has found immense popularity selling makeup specifically for “unicorn” women. They are Leaping Bunny certified which means that their production is vegan friendly and completely cruelty free. Lime Crime has also donated to charities for animals and Doe Deere does her part to make sure her company respects all animals. Lime Crime is constantly expanding and you can find their products on their site


NuoDB SQL Database

NuoDB is a transactional database management system that is SQL-oriented and is created for distributed deployment in the cloud. The NuoDB can be put in the category of a NewSQL database that preserves the features of traditional SQL databases while also including the attributes for enabling full-fledged operations in cloud computing environments. Application software uses SQL to communicate with NuoDB, similar to how they communicate with a relational database, and the databases comprise atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability acquiescence for transaction reliability. However, the NuoDB architecture differs from set relational techniques by implementing a three-tier structure with storage, transactional, and administrative tiers. This layered procedure implies that NuoDB can operate without close coupling a program and its data stored on a disk drive. With the implementation of this approach, the NuoDB has proved to be a hindrance in some existing cloud programs.
The NuoDB creates a divergence between elements of data into software objects called “atoms”. Moreover, the database is designed in a durable distributed cache that uses a set of caches which are in-memory to offer cloud-style elasticity while guaranteeing that all of the objects of the data are securely maintained and stored. Additionally, the NuoDB also reinforces multi-version concurrency control to resolve access conflicts, and spot data deadlocks.

Bob Reina Builds Talk Fusion University to Help Others Succeed at Network Marketing

PR Newswire released an article recently examining Talk Fusion University with the CEO and Founder Bob Reina called “Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program ‘Talk Fusion University’”.


Talk Fusion provides all in one training for Video Marketing which helps businesses separate from the competition. Their exclusive training was released in late June as a private hub where the Talk Fusion Associates learn from the residing expert himself, Bob Reina. Mr. Reina is the Founder and CEO with decades of experience in network marketing. Though he began as a police officer, he quickly shifted to multi-level marketing in the 1990’s despite having no sales experience.


Mr. Reina was able to quickly succeed because he developed a four-step system which allowed him to become a top earner. He believes that in the world of multi-level marketing, one’s success isn’t dependent on oneself alone. Rather, success relies on others and on your ability to work with people with a variety of personalities from different backgrounds. The improved income depends on the team’s ability to replicate the system.


Bob Reina decided it was time to pass on the hard-earned knowledge which is why he created Talk Fusion University. He believes it will appeal to everyone looking to gain extra income. The information itself is revealed through a video course that divulges Reina’s system. The University has over 30 videos that lay out the plan step by step so anyone can follow it regardless of their education or background. It also has a wide library of written resources from the blog and Reina’s journalism efforts.


He believes his company is different from other networking experts because of the quality and the price. The training program is free for the Talk Fusion Associates and it can’t be found anywhere else. He also claims that the system is proven because it is the same one has trained others on and the one that allowed him to become a top salesperson.


Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions that help businesses increase sales and profits through differentiation from the competition. By making the marketing dynamic, the business will become more persuasive, engaging, and memorable, all keys to creating repeat buyers.

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Omar Yunes and his Japanese Empire in Mexico

Who would have thought that the award for the best restaurant franchise in Mexico could be given to a Japanese chain? Mexican cuisine is so diverse and interesting nobody knew that the winning franchise would be something completely different.


But that is exactly what happened to Omar Yunes franchise of Sushi Itto Japanese restaurant chain. They won the national competition and then went on to compete on the international stage. This is where they won again, bringing the recognition back to Mexico. Franchises from different parts of the world compete in the race while their owners meet each other and gather new ideas.


Good Relationships with People


Sushi Itto doesn’t have many restaurants in the world. Omar Yunes wasn’t afraid to risk and go for it, opening the chain and then expanding it as time went on. He now owns 13 restaurants that offer jobs for more than 400 people.


He is an innovator and value the relationship he has with the CEO of Sushi Itto. His attitude and leadership skills were recently noted and praised as well as his business skills. Hospitality and catering are some of the toughest industries for competition, so seeing people succeed is always a positive sign.


His employees also praise him for the constant communication he has with all the restaurants. They have clear guidelines and standards to follow so it is easier to train new members of staff.


Their performance is measured and all restaurants know how they performed over a period of time. It allows the chain to grow and be more flexible with new menus. It also allows new initiatives to take place and technology to become an assed rather than the enemy.


Open and Innovative


Omar Yunes was born in still lives in Mexico. His leadership style is described as open and fair. However, when the first restaurant opened Yunes wanted to succeed. His marketing and advertising can go from mild to aggressive depending on what is best for the company.


There now 13 restaurants in Mexico and it is 10 percent of all franchises Sushi Itto has. He is showing no signs of stopping at that as long as Mexico will crave Japanese food.

Osteo Relief Institute Offers Humane Solutions to Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is an utterly common, but the least understood medical condition. The term is used about the joint disease in general which includes even the joint pains. Arthritis exists in more than 100 different forms, and nearly 50 million adults live with these various forms in the United States. Women are more susceptible to this complication and the chances that one would suffer from it increase with aging. It is today ranked as the number one cause of disability in the country.


Osteoarthritis, which is at times referred to as degenerative joint disease is the most common type of arthritis. It culminates into the degeneration of the cartilage. As this soft tissue degenerates, the bones rub against each other resulting in swelling, stiffness, and pain. The joints then lose strength with time, and the pain slowly becomes chronic. Many treatment options are in place to manage joint pains and protect the quality of life even if osteoarthritis has no cure.

Excess weight, previous injury, age and family history are the common osteoarthritis risk factors. The patient’s commitment to its management is crucial to minimizing the speed and impact of the condition because it is incurable. The arthritis self-management can be done through exercise, medical treatment, and daily routines.


About Osteo Relief Institute

Finding a good and trusted doctor is everybody’s dream in the current healthcare environment. Osteo Relief Institute, which was founded in 2012 and headquartered in Wall Township, New Jersey, has in place multidisciplinary clinics that operate on the principle that a patient is nothing less than a family. The interdisciplinary nature means that the Osteo Relief Institute clinics constitute a group of certified physical therapists and certified physicians. The aim of Osteo Relief Institute is to offer arthritis patients receive safe and effective treatments.


Osteo Relief Institute has a wide range of cleared and FDA approved technologies that they employ to handle the various complications in their patients. The health facility maintains a competitive edge by applying state-of-the-art advanced technologies to provide a lasting pain relief. The staff at Osteo Relief Institute is expertly trained to handle the patients with different complications.


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Avaaz: Promoting Global Activism Using Non-Violent Media-Friendly Actions

Avaaz is a non-governmental U.S.-based civic organization that uses global activism to raise awareness of conflict, corruption, human rights, poverty, climate change and other pressing issues of international importance. The organization was founded in 2007 and is now considered to be among the largest and most powerful networks involved in online activism. The name Avaaz was chosen because it roughly translates to mean voice or song in many Indo-European languages including English. The organization uses demonstrations, petitions and similar action to advocate for an independent press in areas that are involved in conflict.

The organization was co-founded through the collaboration of several NGOs. They include the Service Employees International Union, Res Publica, an organization made up of public sector professionals involved in promoting deliberative democracy, civic virtue and good governance and the U.S. based non-profit advocacy group that works to promote progressive public policy,

Some of the individuals that played a seminal role in founding Avaaz were Tom Perriello, former Virgina congressman, Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, executive director of, David Madden a progressive Australian entrepreneur, Andrea Woodhouse and co-founder Jeremy Heimans. Eli Pariser is the chairman of the organization’s board, the president is Ricken Patel Tom Pravda is secretary and the treasurer is Ben Brandzel.

Initially the start-up costs and staff of Avaaz was funded by several foundations. However, beginning in 2009 the organization has not accepted donations from corporations or foundations neither has it accepted any donation that is over $5,000. Its activities are funded through its 10,000 members’ generosity. Still, Avaaz has been able to raise in excess of $20 million.

Avaaz manages its global campaigns through campaigners in more than 30 countries. They communicate via email and their campaigning tactics include rallies, sit-ins, phone-ins, demonstrations, online public petitions and media friendly stunts.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.