Omar Boraie is a leading real estate businessman. He also is a passionate philanthropist as well as an amazing entrepreneur. Omar Boraie founded and is also the Vice President of his company known as Boraie Development. This is the company that transformed the New Brunswick area into an amazing urban orchard.

Omar Boraie arrived to New Brunswick from Egypt, He arrived, completely shocking all of the people of New Brunswick, with his plans to build modern buildings, posh apartments and even community houses around the area. When he arrived, New Brunswick was quickly becoming a dying area so his plans for the area left everyone doubting him. Omar Boraie, though, continued to envision the future of New Brunswick and knew just what it needed to replenish and succeed!

Boraie started quite a few different real estate projects that all ended up changing the horizon and the feel of New Brunswick. According to NJ Biz, some of the projects that he has finished in this area include Albany Street Plaza, The Aspire and Rector Street. In addition to all of the projects that he started and finished, his company has not only continued to change the city’s landscape but it also started to change the New Brunswick community and the feel of the area. In addition to New Brunswick, Boraie has shown his talents in many other ongoing projects in the city of Newark as well as Atlantic City.

There is no question why Omar is thought of as one of the best as well as most successful developers in New Brunswick. According to a news article, he also has quickly become one the city’s leading philanthropists. He involves himself in many different social causes and he also continues to serve on the Board of Trustees for New Brunswick’s State Theater. Omar, in addition to his company Boraie Development, have continued to sponsor the prestigious State Theater institute to put together many different events for the summer for the people of New Brunswick. He also believes that developing all of these communities is important for the property development and the best way to come together with other developers advance the communities is by providing meals for the hungry.