US Money Reserve is one of the most popular gold and silver ecommerce companies, and they have a new website for displaying their products including commemorative coins and various numismatics. The website was recoded to become compatible for both Android and Apple devices and much easier to find pertinent investor information. The menus now have a more modern look and have drop-down interactive features.

There are also more photos to browse through featuring the gold, silver and now platinum coins and separate information booklets can now be downloaded as well. First-time visitors will also be taken to an introductory page where US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl takes them through the company basics. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip N. Diehl joined US Money Reserve in 2001 after serving 8 years as US Mint Director in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Diehl was able to accomplish a lot as US Mint Director thanks to his experience in public accounting at the Texas state comptroller’s office.

He turned the functions of the Mint into much more of a business-based operation that generated billions in revenue and returns to US taxpayers. He was the pioneer behind the minting of the first platinum coin, and he’s also discussed the positive implications of eliminating the penny.

US Money Reserve has been dedicated to delivering an enjoyable buying experience for its customers, and its strong commitment to transparency and ethics are what attracted Diehl to come to their executive team. US Money Reserve has information in their knowledge center about why investors should consider adding gold and silver to their portfolios.

These coins and bars are not just collectibles or fancy currency, they’re a way to safeguard your assets against financial storms. The markets are always susceptible to wars, economic downturns, debt ceiling lapse and hyperinflation. Gold and silver will never suffer negative interest rates and cannot be regulated by domestic or foreign authorities.

US Money Reserve closely tracks gold and silver’s value on the stock market and has free information on purchasing precious metals and transferring an IRA. IRA transfers may appear to be complex, but with a guidebook to help you out it can be done fairly quick.

Investing in gold and silver can have risks when its time to sell the precious metals back on the market, but US Money Reserve promises you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. To get started talking to a US Money Reserve representative, visit today.