What is UKV PLC
UKV is a different type of wine company. They work independently with numerous brokers, dealers, and supply chains to offer their clientele a premier selection of bonded fine wines for both consumption and investment. They acquire, supply and sell, and so work with those looking to buy or sell their wine investments. Their small team of dedicated wine merchants can work with clients both in their offices or in other settings, depending on the client’s wishes.

Global Enthusiasm and Concern
Wine is a popular commodity, and like many items in the commodities market, it has its ebbs and flows. Right now, China has overtaken France as the largest wine market in the world, partly due to wealthier young Chinese fueling demand for fine wines and vintages.

Still, a fluctuations in the global market like Brexit have made many investors nervous. In this era, traditional, solid investments often make a comeback, as we have seen with solid investments in gold and silver. Wine is another ancient symbol of wealth, giving it a stability that lends an added sense of security because people are unlikely to stop being interested in wine anytime soon.

Investing in Wine
Whether you are an experienced wine investor or not, you can learn a lot by working with experienced agents at UKV PLC. While prices for a specific vintage may surge quickly and unexpectedly, experienced wine agents at UKV PLC have the market experience to know which are going to be the best long term investments. Many experts suggesting holding onto a bottle for at least five years before trading it, as in general the longer you hold onto it the rarer and more valuable it becomes. That also means starting early with a few valuable wines can lead to excellent payoff decades down the road.

Investing with UKV PLC
Wine investors who choose to make their investments with UKV PLC will notice many benefits over going into the investment alone.

Market Expertise: The experts will meet with you one-on-one to discuss the investment opportunities and give insights to the market that may lead to extra revenue down the road.

Wide Selection: You can choose from many different kinds of investment wine

Tax benefits: Tax laws may change over time, but right now tax authorities do not charge capital gains or other interest-bearing taxes on wine sales.

Retain ownership: By investing in wine with UKV, you will retain complete ownership of your wine collection.

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