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Women in Business

Doe Deere speaks about what it takes to Succeed in Life

Starting a business of your own can turn out to be the best thing in your life. You turn out to be your own boss and get to create products that are suitable for your customers. Also, by being your own boss, direct input or hard work is always rewarded. This is according to Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. However, there are challenges associated with starting a business as Doe Deere points out. For instance, finances can pose some problems for those wishing to establish a business. Doe Deere says that there are people with passions and ideas and yet they can’t get off the ground because of financial restraints.

After establishing Lime Crime Cosmetics in the year 2004, Doe Deere is in a position to tell people the dos and don’ts of business. As for her business, she has managed to attract customers by looking into trending issues which she combined with her passion. The fact that Doe Deere does not use animals to test her products has also played a significant part in her progress. Also, Doe Deere mentions that she does not obtain her raw materials for animals. This means that some of her products that include eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipstick are cruelty-free products.

Doe Deere’s success can also be attributed to her desire to create beautiful, colorful and bright products. During one of her interviews, Doe Deere mentioned that she has the desire to create bright products such that it might feel illegal put them on. True to her words, Doe Deere makes products from all sorts of colors. To her, makeup should be seen as a way of expressing yourself. She mentions that it’s important you feel confident about what you wear or put on. That’s confidence unlike the popular belief that it’s what people say or think.  Learn more:

When establishing every business, Doe Deere mentions that you should consider passion and a business plan. According to the Lime Crime founder, passion is doing what you love. However, a business plan is crucial as it will help you acquire the necessary financial assistance. Remember that your bank or financier will need to see a detailed analysis of what you want to achieve in numbers. Doe Deere mentions that it doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed as a report divided into various sections can serve the purpose. Doe Deere was born in Russia before relocated to the United States. Learn more:

Learning How To Be Successfu,l in Business, With Doe Deere

It is not uncommon to hear people argue that those in business are better off that those that are still employed. Yes, there are many perks to being your own boss. However, it is not always so smooth. Sometimes you fall, but then you have to pick yourself up and stay focused on the goal. It is the only way that you will make it. Here are some tips, from Doe Deere, that will help you avoid some of the most common causes of failure in business. Learn more:


Lack of Passion

If you are setting yourself to fail, try opening a business that you are not passionate about. Being passionate about your business will give you that drive that you need to want to do things instead of feeling like you have to do them. It will make you want to wake up earlier than everyone and leave the office later than everyone. As can be seen through the success story of Doe Deere, passion is everything. Before she started her company Lime Crime, she had tried a hand in a number of businesses, but was never quite successful. That is until she capitalized into her passion for unicorn colors.


Lack of Planning

Most people, even with great ideas, fail because of poor planning. A thorough business plan will help you get everything you need in order for your business to operate successfully. Additionally, the business plan will help you get financial aid. Besides, investors and banks have to see whether they are investing in a profitable business.


Weighing the Pros and Cons

Never get into a business blindly. Before you start a business, it is important that you understand what to expect. You will probably need to put in more hours to the business. Also, you have to be patient for the business to start making profits. However, when you look at the pros, it is all worthwhile.


About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She opened the account Lime Crime, on EBay, in the year 2004. However, it was only until the year 2008 that the company was incorporated. Visit here:


Her company was inspired by her sewing days. Back then, she was known for sewing very bright clothes, but would have trouble getting make up that matches them. So, she decided to start a line of makeup that would help fellow unicorns like her get their highly-pigmented makeup.