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Women in Finance

In Both Business and Philanthropy Malini Saba is a True Global Leader

Malini Saba started out with humble origins. She was born in South Asia and was raised in a simple home in Australia before moving to the United States when she was 19 years old to pursue her education. When she arrived in the US she only had 200 dollars to live on, and had to rent a small apartment on the edge of the Stanford University campus. Indeed she has come a long way since then, now being one of the most successful investors and most respected philanthropists in the world, ant only among South Asians and women, but in general.


It was her success in the boardroom and her charitable generosity that led to a recent profile in an article on Huffington Post. The article spoke of her work not only with her conglomerate Saban, which she heads as chairman, but also her work with other successful firms and her myriad philanthropic activities in recent years. Her successes have come in rapid succession, starting with her activities in the 1990s, which included being an investor in some of the world’s most powerful tech companies such as PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore networks.


She soon moved beyond being a Silicon Valley venture capitalist into more diverse fields which culminated in her starting of Saban. Saban is a global leader in a wide variety of fields including oil, gas and real estate. Saban has holdings in many countries such as the US, China, Australia, and India. As one of the most diverse and economically resilient conglomerates in the world, she has placed the firm in a prime position to be successful no matter what comes down the line.


In personal matters, Saba is passionate about helping her fellow man. In 2001 she started STREE: Global Investment in Women. The non-profit works to provide healthcare, legal aid and a forum for the exchange of ideas to women who are low-income and high risk. The goal is to provide women all over the world with the means to grow and succeed in whatever endeavors they dream of. STREE has been acclaimed by both Former President of the United States Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan among many others.


Her foundation is just the start of her charitable giving however. When the super Tsunami ravaged Sri Lanka, her birthplace in 2004, she was on the scene within hours to tour the devastation and to offer aid. She pledged 10 million to help the tiny nation recover from what was the worst natural disaster in its history. She then the next year gave a million dollars to El Comino Hospital in California for the creation of a research program for the advancement of South Asian healthcare.


Both in her professional life and in her charitable giving Saba has shown that success breeds success if it is backed up with love for the good in the world.


Helanie Morrison Ushers in a New Era of Corporations

Helane Morrison is one person who is not to be messed with when it comes to corporate handling. She is one of the people that have revealed a lot of fraud in the past few years. During the downturn of the economy, a lot of mishandling of business has been found from destroyed documents to false claims. This has caused people including me to lose their trust in the market as a whole. To make things worse, there may be further problems to face later on almost ten years later. Helane Morrison has not only revealed corporate corruption, but she ahs also been very influential in equality in the workplace. This is in fact her new cause.

Helane Morrison has always been very passionate about ethics and equality. She has got her beginning in Brooklyn and has moved west after gaining her degree in Journalism. While studying to become a compliance officer, Helane Morrison worked as the Editor in Chief of the law review of the University of California School of Law. She has learned the most from a mentor that was the champion for human rights. She has learned from him how tough the corporate world could be due to certain people being hostile and even threatening to people who dare challenge the status quo. This is exactly what Helane Morrison strived to do during her time at the SEC in San Francisco.

In the late eighties and early nineties, she has worked for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. During her time over there, he has learned that she is going to be involved in uncovering violation to the laws of security for a good chunk of her career. Therefore, she has climbed the ladder in uncovering corruption in the corporate world.

I for one am always surprised to find corruption in the workplace no matter how much I find. I have seen plenty of unethical methods and actions done on account of businesses. I am glad that people like Helane Morrison are available to fight this.