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Yoga Book

Discover The Yoga Book In Red

Lenovo has decided to expand their line of Yoga Book devices according to an article on The Verge website. The expansion includes the release of color options red and white, this is amazing news for customers that intend to add a splash of color to all of their technology. A large portion of people that invest money into the latest technology are concerned about having each device they buy be color matched to the ones they already own. If you are one of these people, you no longer have to buy everything in the simple black color. Another route that you previously had to explore would be covering up the device in a case, but this would take away from the natural beauty that likely attracted you to the device in the first place. The announcement of a color such as red would ensure that you are now able to have a vivid design that is going to attract the attention of almost any person that you interact with. The Yoga Book is a great example of companies attempting to offer a wider range of products to the consumer. Apple has experienced a significant amount of stress due to the fact that many iPad owners are simply not buying new devices. Instead, they are opting to keep old and outdated iPad for a much longer period of time than Apple would have preferred. Lenovo believes that offering devices that allow the user to do more would be a solution that would inspire the consumer to make a purchase.

The Yoga Book handles this by packing a significant amount of function into one device. The Yoga Book is a high resolution tablet that is great for watching Netflix or watching recipe videos when placed on a table. However, it also comes with a stylus pen that offers the ability to take digital notes when needed. In addition to these things, you would even be able to write notes on paper in regular pen and see them digitally transferred without any extra work involved. The Yoga Book offers a lot of function and the new colors make this product well worth looking into.

Yoga Book Now Available in New Colors

Taking a few minutes out of your day to read a story by The Verge would be well worth your time if you consider yourself someone that has a passion for technology. Apple has long demonstrated to the technology world that it is possible to get people interested in buying a new device by simply offering a wider choice of colors. There were many years where Apple marketed devices only in black colors such as black or white, but that has drastically shifted with color options on the iPhone. Today, we get variations such as gold and rose gold, these varieties allow you to easily convey to the world that you have the latest design from Apple. If you are a Lenovo fan, you will be happy to learn that this company is now taking on that approach and offering up the Yoga Book in some new color options. The most attractive of these would be the red color, it is vivid and attracts the eye of people in a crowd very easily. When you buy a new piece of technology, you want people to take note and a bright color such as this helps ensure that this is going to occur.

The amazing thing about technology is what is made possible with devices that are designed to be slim and light. The Yoga Book is a great example of a product that can do a lot given the small form factor that it comes in. The major feature that this device has would be the Halo touch keyboard, this is a slim keyboard that offers a large amount of additional function to the device. Carrying around a bluetooth keyboard would often be a solution that you are going to look past simply because of the added weight in your bag. However, this unique keyboarded provides all of the function that you desire without the need for a lot of additional weight. The Yoga book also functions as a tablet that you would be able to watch movies on or reply to emails. This is a great device for anyone in the market for a hybrid today.