Irony is part of the stock in trade for Status Labs, as they deal with their clients’ reputation crises and reputation management. But it is doubly ironic that Status Labs got challenged through their own internal reputation crisis. Because of a former executive’s illicit actions outside of his Status Labs’ role, the company became the target of negative press. It became a national news story that actually did threaten the reputation of Status Labs.


The solution for Status Labs, as its own most-important client, started with a behavior change to make a steadfast reputation change. The slow process of rebuilding the company’s reputation progressed another step when all the employees asked that the disrupting executive please resign. An open letter from the Status Labs employees was then supplied to the media by the company’s Public Relations department. They included an erstwhile employees team photograph.


The last part was an important item. A photo of the whole team adds a human face to the name of the company, especially in a time when so much vitriolic hate had been spewed at the company. The campaign worked! The public was able to redirect their anger properly. Status Labs has proved their worth with help to more than a thousand client companies and individuals, improving reputations and helping resolve crises since 2012.


The company had to apply the same rules they establish for their clients. They drew closer to the local community, reducing their level of vilification. They also become very involved in local Austin, Texas charity organizations. These included: Caritas, The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas, Urban Roots, Dress for Success, and Capital Food Bank of Texas. And all the volunteering worked wonders for their employee’s morale, which had been suffering. There were many more tools they implemented to bring back Status Labs’ well deserved great, solid, reliable, and steadfast reputation. In fact, it may well prove to improve business in the long run.

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