For the past several years we have heard rumblings about a concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, often shortened to just the IoT, is the way of the future. The Internet of Things refers to how all of the technology that we use will interconnect in order to make our everyday lives better. Of course, an easier way to look at the IoT is to understand that smart technology is here and it is changing our lives. Nowhere is that more apparent than on cruise ships.

While people are buzzing about the potential for smart cars, cruises are catering to the concept of smart cities. The cruise industry is ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing IoT technology and that means you are going to start seeing billion-dollar cruise ships that operate like they were pulled straight out of an Isaac Asimov novel. Companies like Royal Caribbean and Carnival are already implementing massive new technological updates in order to wow their guests and push the tech forward.

The biggest way that cruises are turning into smart cities is by their usage of wearable technology. Citing the work done by Walt Disney World and the MagicBand, which was a device worn by guests that emitted RFID, cruises are quickly following suit. John Padgett of Carnival Corporation was the man who introduced the MagicBand to the world and now he is bringing it to sea. This device allows guests to store their room key, tickets, cred cards, reservations and more all in a simple little band. Padgett says of his work, “It transformed the guest experience for tens of millions of people, across 48 square miles.”

Now, Padgett is focused on the Ocean Medallion. The Ocean Medallion will be used to bring guests the ultimate in smart-city experiences while they are on their cruise. Padgett says, “This technology disappears into the experience.” Padgett goes on to tout the effectiveness of the product in completely immersing guests into their vacation.