David Giertz advised on the importance of smart retirement saving and the strategies one need to have to take control of their future. He was ardent to offer tips on how to secure a financially stable retirement.

He says that sometimes the money people save from income may not be enough and therefore need to get other income opportunities to ensure financial stability before that period. This may be challenging due to the lack of retirement amount estimates.

Regarding the question whether investment can lead to financial freedom, he says that it depends on the investments one engages in depending on:

  • Whether one has enough money for retirement-This relies on the amount of money one will have saved and whether it will be enough, influenced by retirement needs knowledge being advantageous if one saves at least thirty three timesperson’s annual salary.
  • Knowing the retirement plan that fits an individual-One needs to find a retirement plan that suits them, and if one considers an early retirement, then a Roth IRA would be preferable.If one is considering to retire before the age of 55, then 72(t) rule would be best.

He says the best way is to complement savings account with a brokerage account.According to David Giertz, brokerage accounts have no limitations on investments and withdrawals.He encourages on saving in health savings accounts.

About David Giertz

David Giertz holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a masters (MBA). He is a broker and an expert in retirement planning industry. His experience of over thirty years in financial services sector makes him one of the best financial advisors in U.S.He is a certified business coach with WABC and an industry arbiter with FINRA. He is currently the president and financial advisor of Nationwide Financial Sales and distribution organization which he joined on April 3rd ,2013.