Earlier, transportation departments viewed measuring on-time performance as the most preferred primary indicator for performance. Each of the transportation segments utilized its unique measuring technique. For instance, air and ocean carriers were measured using on-time performance whereas service types measured motor carriers. At the moment, key primary indicators (KPI) have evolved thus incorporating various aspects such as financial, physical and regulatory details required for the supply chain. Massive data is being presented to shippers for the enhancement of supply chain performance. The availability of detailed information is spearheaded by the use of sophisticated GPS data sets and tracking systems. Additionally, the internet of things is the key contributor of the worldwide trading partners through the providence of smartphone solutions.

According to Stephanie Miles, the latest KPIs are directed towards focusing on metrics and trading partners rather than laying focus on isolated activities (Bloomberg). Datasets are being evaluated regarding different business models such as international shipments, logistic functions, and the compliance. Mrs. Miles provides the characteristics of an enhanced key primary indicator. Stephanie stipulates that a best-in-class KPI entails exact data information concerning trade zone feedback. Additionally, the KPI should indicate the required time that data is presented for custom filings and creation of documents.


Edisoft is a computer software company that creates a platform for supply chain services and configurable smart activities (http://www.edisoft.com/about-edisoft-edi-expert-solutions.php). Edisoft is widely recognized for its techniques in aiding distributors, and manufacturers make improvements in their performance regarding supply chain operations. Edisoft Inc offers vendor compliance that is automated as well as optimized. The organization can provide these unique services with the help of leverage data that is treated as an asset.


Besides being operational in Toronto, the company’s headquarters, Edison operates in other nations including Canada and the United States of America. Edisoft has expanded its satellite offices in different locations including Florida and Miami. The organization’s line of activities is vast in carrier and warehouse management and is incorporated in a single system. Edisoft is enabled global shipment activities with the aid of its upgraded ERP Integrated solutions. The supply chain has been made robust with Edisoft Inc.

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