Talk Fusion, the innovative video e-mailing company, has released many positive messages to its community of users. This is no small community – Talk Fusion is active to users in over 140 countries and has been around for a decade. The video email company is excellent for individuals interacting with loved ones, or for companies looking to build brand loyalty and engage with customers. They strive to be easy-to-use and, of course, affordable, while allowing any user to create video messages that stand out and are easily shared.

On top of being a company with all of these positive attributes, Talk Fusion also relays encouraging words to its users and great advice on how to best use the email features. Founder Bob Reina recently began publishing articles in Huffington Post. One of the first articles written by Reina, aptly titled “Promoting with Purpose” discussed the relatability of commercials and how these techniques can be applied when using Talk Fusion’s video e-mails. Reina delivers information on the importance of targeting the user’s audience and discovering the personality of potential buyers. He gives advice on staying a step ahead of competitors, using social media and analytics as research tools, and what angle a company can use to help customers find them.

Even more inspirational, Reina adds another article to his Huffington Post portfolio describing how to maintain optimism among a negative society prone to quitting. Outlining the slippery slope that can be taken in many aspects of life where an individual decides he or she deserves a break, Reina uses lowering cholesterol and going through initial leads for a business as examples of our society’s likelihood to start strong, dwindle, and give up. The end of a marriage or the quitting of a newly started business are two more cited examples where excuses are easy to make, because the commitment is so heavy. Reina’s advice is to remember that the things one really wants in life are worth working for, and to continuously committing to one’s goals.

The positive messages of this company’s founder may come secondary in importance to the business model, but it is clear that Talk Vision is developing a constructive community for its users. Learn more: