Kate Hudson became the recognizable face behind Fabletics exclusive athleisure brand in 2013. Partnering with the already successful fashion giant TechStyle Fashion Group, the Fabletics name is known worldwide. This company uses a brilliant marketing strategy that utilizes membership, consumer input and amazing customer service. As an actress, Ms. Hudson understands that women long to shop in exclusive venues that sell high-end fashions and offer a genuinely personalized shopping experience. These types of famous fashion boutiques and trendy shops can be found in Hollywood and New York City. Fabletics seeks to replecate this model into their fine physical stores and also on their online sales site.


Customers are encouraged to take Fabletic’s innovative Lifestyle Quiz to discover which of this brands fabulous selections are ideal for them. When customers become a Fabletics member, they are shown individualized product choices to better their shopping experience. When women shop at Fabletics, either in a physical store or online, their fashion preferences are keep on file. When a customer tries a Fabletics outfit on, it will automatically be put into the person’s shopping cart for convenience later on. This kind of service is what wealthy and famous people have come to expect. Now, Fabletics is making this individualized and outstanding customer service available to any woman.


The mammoth Amazon phenomenon is responsible for at least 20% of fashion sales today. Fabletics now offers their unique product here to the applause of their loyal customers. The quality of the Fabletics selections rivals pricier brands. Only Fabletics offers trendy active-wear priced for everyday women. No woman wants to be seen in unflattering sweats or ill-fitting sportswear. Women want aesthetically pleasing, active-wear choices that fit comfortably and look sharp. Fabletics delivers with stunning pieces endorsed by Kate Hudson personally.


A big reason for Fabletics’ success is their novel reverse showroom technique. What is shown in stores is generated by customer desires, current shopping trends and compiled membership shopping preferences. The result is that customers find exactly what they want. This method allows Fabletics to make changes to their stock as needed. Fabletics’ designs are chic enough to be seen just about anywhere. Customers trust Kate Hudson’s impressive fashion style, and this self-described “almost famous” actress is now Fabletics’ household name. She is directly involved in the business, and personally chooses which styles make the final cut. Fabletics rules the athleisure-wear niche in today’s fashion industry.

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