We’ve all heard the stories about big brother is always watching every step or move that you make over the Internet. Now, Facebook is stepping up the game by providing facial recognition software that is able to find any picture that you or someone else uploaded of your face. Send a picture to a friend and Facebook will find that picture, even if it was not tagged. Facebook will quickly notify you, once they discover any photograph with your face. Many view this as a privacy issue. However, Facebook implies that it is a way to empower Facebook members.

New Privacy Feature
Facebook acknowledges the issues concerning privacy that have been called into question about the new feature. Facebook officials state that the new feature has been in the works for a long time. The new facial recognition feature is all about control. In other words, it allows Facebook members to control their images online. For example, if someone posts an image of you, you quickly find out about that image. This gives the Facebook user immediate access to the posted image and the name of the user that posted that image. In addition, this gives the user the power to request the removal of any inappropriate pictures.

Facebook’s Tool To Capture Bullys
Here is something that is interesting to note. Online bullying and harassment is a very hot issue online. Many would like to see the end of bullying and online harassing. Facebook announced that the new facial recognition feature on Facebook might help in the war against online bullying and harassing. For example, a harasser might upload a picture of an individual with a funny and inappropriate tagline. Facebook will instantly notify the person about the inappropriate picture.

Privacy Violation
Still, Facebook is in the middle of a legal dispute over the facial recognition software issue. Many still believe that the software violates a person’s right to privacy. However, Facebook states members have a choice. They are able to turn the facial recognition feature off in settings.