Glen Wakeman is as calculated as they come. Wakeman is the kind of man that plans in all aspects of his life. For this reason, Glen Wakeman has built a robust reputation, gaining fame above and beyond for his unique managerial techniques. At forty-nine years of age, Glen has spent close to half of his life helping businesses and institutions succeed.

Also, Glen Wakeman has used his innovative mind to create what is now known as the LaunchPad Holdings. Through the company, Glen Wakeman makes use of a fully digitized software system to help start-ups come with unique strategies that guarantee their success. Besides, Glen happens to be the creator of Nova Four, a company that during its time provided strategic advice and access to capital for growing corporations.

Before Glen ever had the thought of creating LaunchPad Holdings, he used to work for GE Money Latin America. While working as the CEO at GE Money, Wakeman built an operation that at the time run in nine different countries. At the time, the company grew into an institution worth $12 billion in assets, employing seventeen thousand employees.

In his lifetime, Glen Wakeman has also been able to live in six different countries, establishing business operations in more than thirty nations globally ( As the alumnus of the University of Chicago and the University of Scranton, Glen has an MBA and BS in Economics. To date, Wakeman is renowned for his five-step performance strategy that has endured the test of time.

For many years, Glen Wakeman has developed his gift of matching newer and better ideas with money (Ideamensch). Today, Glen appreciates the role that technology plays in running successful businesses. Lately, Wakeman has been overly fascinated by how modern machines are learning how to deal with business problems. He believes that by automating enterprises, speed, quality, and decision-making can get improved.

With Wakeman being a highly curious individual, he has been able to venture forth into territories that many people fear to explore. Thus, there is a lot that we can learn from Glen Wakeman, the greatest corporate executive of all time.