Although the Google Glass project was seemingly killed off 2 years ago, it recently made the news again. Alphabet X, a Google subsidiary designed to foster innovation, has revealed a new edition of the Google glasses. This time, the glasses aren’t targeted towards traditional consumers, but are instead designed to help enterprises. After initial tests with the Google Glass project a few years ago, Google discovered that the product was more helpful in the enterprise space than for consumers wanting to check their email. The new version of the glasses specifically targets the needs of businesses.

In limited tests with GE, DHL, and a few other companies, Google was able to reduce manufacturing times by up to 25%. DHL saw efficiency increases of 15% on their supply chains. Healthcare professionals also reported benefits of reduced paperwork times, with Google Glass recording their conversations and automatically documenting patient notes. This allowed doctors to have 50% more face-to-face time with patients.

New design improvements made to the Glass also make them better suited to enterprise customers. Longer battery lives and a lighter frame make them perfect for long-term wear and in rigorous work environments where they’ll be exposed to debris and sweat. A new Atom processor inside the lenses will also provide power to a larger display.

As an example of one of the improvements made to Google Glass, DHL had a custom software solution installed that would help factory workers see where to place packages on carts to be delivered. The glasses make recommendations in real-time, saving workers time and saving space on delivery carts.

GE is also using custom software to help workers see where to weld, solder, or install components during manufacturing. This helps save time by not having workers looking down at complex diagrams each time they need instructions.

What was once a fashion accessory has morphed into a very helpful enterprise solution. Prices and release dates have not been revealed.