Handy is a service which allows the consumer to hire a pre-screened independent contractor for work. The way it works is very simple. The customer tells Handy what service they want performed, their zip code, and when they want the work to be done. The customer then receives a quote. If they agree with the price and want to continue, the credit card that they put on file is charged, and the contractor shows up to perform the service.

Customers know they will be receiving quality service because Handy is very selective about who they will sign. They only sign with 3% of the applicants that seek to do business with them. Handy also provides a money-back guarantee and takes care of replacement costs for damaged items. Independent contractors know they will receive regular work and dependable pay, because the money is handled directly through Handy. The average independent contractor working through Handy can expect to earn between $15 and $22 per hour. In addition, contractors’ incomes are reported on a 1099 form, so contractors can have taxable income in order to obtain credit. This is a win-win situation reveals Welldressedgeek blog, for both customers and contractors. Handy has received over $1 million a week in bookings and has been going strong for four years.

Services offered through Handy include home cleaning, furniture shopping, delivery and assembly, and other home services.


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