Highland Capital Invests In Korean Healthcare Fund

With the assistance of South Korea’s NPS, Highland Capital Management is launching a $147m healthcare fund. The National Pension Service of Korea is the anchor investor, and is valued at $499.8 Billion. Investors in the fund want to be able to obtain specific objectives and see a return on their investment. The aim is to make healthcare better, and also provide a means by which they can invest in South Korea, China, and the USA.

Partnership With Stonebridge Capital In Korea

This investment also creates a partnership with Stonebridge Capital, the private equity/venture capital firm that will co-manage the fund along with Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management has approximately 15 years of experience managing private equity funds in relation to healthcare. The company also has experience working with hedge funds. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Closed End Fund With Large Volume of Assets

Healthcare Capital Management is a closed-end fund with a total of $147 Million in assets. They are specialized in credit strategies for investment growth such as using a credit hedge fund. Distressed loans, separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations are among the assets which are held by the firm.

Highland Capital Management as of September 30, 2017 has a total market value of $197.9 Million. This is in addition to 345 investments in a variety of companies such as Twitter, other tech companies, and energy companies. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Relisted Senior Loan ETF

For the relisting of Senior Loan ETF, Highland Capital Management was recently presented with the honor of being able to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Ezchange. This fund also nearly earned triple the S&P 500’s gains in 2016, with the mutual fund’s Class A Shares earning 31.6% in gains.

Pipeline Partnerships Make Up Large Portion of Gains

These investments in pipeline partnerships have been lucrative, with oil being half of the gains. The fund has managed to harvest gains, capture profit, and operate in a very effective manner.

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