Cancer has been around for many years. This deadly disease has claimed millions of lives throughout the years, but today is a new day. Thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall, cancer is on its last leg. Siegall just so happens to be the president of Seattle Genetics, which is an oncology biotech organization that specializes in fighting cancer. This company is huge in physical size, it’s huge in personnel, and it’s huge in success. As of today, Seattle Genetics sits at the pinnacle of the industry. The company’s first few years were a bit tough since it was spending more money than it was earning. Of course, this is a recipe for disaster. Siegall had to make affirmative changes to the business practices and when he did, the company began to pull itself out of the black and back into the red.

This dynamic sales team of professionals had thorough knowledge of cancer research, and it had thorough knowledge of the business world. This was a recipe for success and Seattle Genetics has been thriving ever since. This man has built a solid foundation from the ground-up. As of today, Seattle Genetics has 20 advanced drugs in its pipeline. The company’s flagship (ADCETRIS) drug has gone global thanks to its fantastic distribution rights. These rights were obtained by Siegall himself. By securing such licensing deals, ADCETRIS is now being used to treat cancer in up to 65 countries. It has generated more than $350 million, and it has become the weapon of choice to fight this devastating disease.

What more can you ask for? Siegall is definitely doing his part to better mankind, and he’s doing it in various ways. The good doctor is setting a firm blueprint of success for others to follow. Overall, Dr. Clay Siegall may be one of the most influential and important figures in this exclusive line of work.