Securus Technologies is a popular public safety, investigative, corrective, and monitoring company offering technological solutions in criminal and civil justice. Securus Technologies is among the top rated companies in preventing crimes, offering pertinent crime solutions, and enhancing the safety of incarceration environments.


Securus Technologies regularly launches a new innovation every week. These products and services are all aimed at helping law enforcement firms to execute their duties better. Correction officers are now able to attend to their duties with little challenges of managing data and planning. This is particularly possible with the managerial software the company has availed to the incarceration market.


Richard Smith, popularly called Rick, serves as the chairperson and chief executive officer at Securus Technologies. Through his commitment and dedication, the company has received international recognition in promoting corrections. Several emails and letters received at Securus Technologies all allude to the growing dependency and reliability of the company’s services and products. The company admits to safety as being the center of its relentless effort and focus. Further, the company is highly honored to protect and serve others regardless of their affiliations.


A client commented on how the recent introduction of contraband service enabled them to find and arrest a corrupt staff. The monitoring service has reduced the rate of alcohol use, vending, and trafficking in most incarceration firms. The ability retrieve and deduce any suspicious conversations, threats, and cellular device usage within the incarceration environment is impeccable. Securus Technologies emergency services have fostered the overall possibility of controlling and detecting contraband usage within the correction environment. Clients have also praised the investigative tools and services offered by Securus Technologies.


A contraband user in a correction agency overheard an inmate orienting his family on what to say when investigated about the shooting he had committed. Through monitoring and LBS software, clients, who are mostly correction agencies, can now execute their duties with ease.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas and offers personalized, innovative services to more than 3,450 law enforcement firms, public safety, and correction agencies. The firm also serves more than 1.2 million inmates.