Anyone that understands business in China already knows that there are many dynamics that will face every company who wants to do business there. As a result, your comapny must adopt a unique approach to succeed. This is exactly what Lime Crime did. The Global General Manager for Lime Crime talked about these topics at a conference in L.A.

One thing she already knew about China and cosmetics was that China requires that they sell in a way that Lime Crime doesn’t use in the United States. For example, there are exceptions to the rule but, China requires animal testing on cosmetics sold wholesale. Since Lime Crime is a vegan brand who would never test on animals, they had to find a way to move around this law and still comply with what China wanted. In this case, if Lime Crime shipps directly from the United States, that law can be avoided.

However, this opened up a whole new can of worms so to speak. Taxes, international returns, logistics with transportation and learning a foreign language to name a few. Another thing that many people do not realize is that counterfeits are high in China too. Lime Crime teamed up with a company called Revolve and left everyone now that only that company sold the products for Lime Crime. What a great way to start, with a seed audience of hungry buyers.

LimeCrime has been selling in the USA for many years and expansion into China was a great idea, but, the fact that the company quickly overcame all of the issues that would slow the growth of any company is nothing short of amazing. Doe Deere the CEO of Lime Crime always tells people to be who they want to be and shows them how to use makeup and dress to be their best. Doe creates an unstoppable image that makes people feel inspired. It is clear to see why her company Lime Crime will be on top of the makeup industry for years to come. We have no doubt that China and Lime Crime will have a successful business model for many years to come.