TechCrunch reports on the newest technological developments by the company Logitech, which has begun developing keyboards specifically for use in virtual reality.

No matter your experience with typing and using a computer, many find it both disorienting and frustrating to use a keyboard the first time they enter VR. To solve this problem, Logitech is creating a keyboard compatible with the HTC Vive, helping users and their headset know where the keyboard is at all times in relation to themselves.

These kits are composed of three distinct parts, only one of which is the keyboard itself. The second is a special sensor that tells the Vive where the keyboard is, giving a more organic and useful feel to typing that it absent from regular VR use. The third piece is software development kit, allowing users to modify the program however they like for easier and better use.

In a demo video released by the company, it is revealed that one of the techniques used to help orient users to typing within virtual reality is by projecting their own hands above the virtual keyboard. This gives users a better feel of where they are in relation to their technology and will significantly reduce the amount of dissociation caused while operating a computer in VR.

This technology is not yet ready for release to the public, however, with more testing required before the company is certain it will work as intended. Logitech is seeking volunteers for the first wave of testing, looking for 50 developers who would be willing try out these kits and report on any bugs and leave their feedback. Applications will be accepted until November 16.