Digitalization as rendered some operational system outdated and ineffective thanks to the sprout of a new generation of super-efficient cloud-based technologies. They can make the management work much easier making corporate and organization increase their productivity, reduce overheads and experience business growth. These systems have chiefly brought flexibility in supply chain and logistics, organizational identity and affirming security of confidential data.

Jack Shepherd of Onelogin, the Content Marketing Specialist, expressed disappointment as some entities are still in use on the premises management while the solution came over two decades ago. He explains the shortcomings of such process in this highly competitive economic environment. Supply chain management is obviously faulty since conventional systems are cumbersome, may lead to omission and are less productive. This may make a business to lose significance and competitive advantage too.

Similarly, it is inefficient to operate at such high cost. The labor-force is much, productivity is not optimized while at the end of the day payout has to be made. Additionally, organizations stand a risking sensitive data to competitors or malicious intruders. Information relating to M&A, Partnerships deals, finances and business plan should be in full discretion, yet the systems cannot do that. Finally, it is has a complex laid out structure which may be confusing to vendors, partners and other stakeholders who have business transactions with this particular organization.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a cloud computing company founded by Christian Pedersen and Thomas Pedersen in 2009. It offers cloud-based Identity and Access Management solutions – IAM which is compatible with various software and apps including Oracle, SAP, and Office 365 among others. OneLogin centralizes operations to a particular location which allow swift access through a shared password to be on the portal.

It offers automation of processes, and the Human Resources Department have been keenly looked into with information technology to facilitate issues of payrolls, recruitment, training and welfare relations. OneLogin services are blended with an Adaptive Authentication feature. It requires a learning curve but can tell an anomaly within the business workflow. Other line products include mobile identity management, web access management, cloud directory, virtual LDAP and single sign-on execution.