For many years there has been a close association between living long and drinking coffee. It reduces attacks that come with old age like stroke and heart diseases. Studies that were carried out and then printed by Annals of Internal Medicine indicated the benefits of coffee consumption like as we said a long life span. The research that was conducted sampling over 185,000 Americans from all works of life and races concluded that cancer, stroke, heart conditions and kidney diseases could be reduced. With low diagnosis of these ailments people could live longer because of simply drinking coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

With caffeine or without it, the benefits are permanent and do not affect advantages. Together with using tea, coffee use will help in liver detoxification. Taking more than two cups of the beverage on a daily basis reduced the chances of dying early by an average of 18%. To show the accuracy of the study, it was carried out over a period of 16 years. There is a close link between long life and a habit of coffee drinking.


Apart from doing the study in America, there was a similar one done in Europe that gave the same results. 520,000 people in 10 European countries were involved in the research.

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