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Bevely Hills Auto Group Gets you the Best Deal

Buying a used BMW will save you a lot of money and you will have a lot more to choose form as far as models go. You will avoid having to pay for ridiculous dealers fees and you can avoid depreciation. You will also know exactly what you will be getting and you will probably end up with a few extras without having to pay for pricey customization. It just makes sense to buy a used BMW.


Beverly Hills Auto Group has got what you need-luxury cars at a great price and many to choose from! Beverly Hills Auto Group will give you great customer service and will even take on your trade-in. Beverly Hills Auto Group sells only vehicle that pass inspection and will get you financed for your car loan. Beverly Hills Auto Group believe in selling you a car without the usual pushy sales tactics as well.

Rick Smith, The CEO that is driving Securus Technologies to Lead the Corrections Market

Richard, “Rick” Smith has been the chief executive officer, president and chairman of Securus Technologies since June 2008. The company has since then landed more contracts, developed a series of patented technologies, and employed more personnel. Through his leadership, employees Securus Technologies today share in the company’s vision. As a result, the company has become a daunting competitor in the corrections market.


One thing Rick Smith seems to understand is the importance of education in leadership and being an expert in any industry. On top of having a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Buffalo’s State University of New York, he also holds two masters degrees. He obtained his MBA from the Rochester-based Simon School and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Brock Port State University of New York. Rick also received an associate bachelor’s degree in applied science in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Rick Smith has an extensive career history in technology industry dating back to 1992 when he worked with Global Crossing, formerly known as Frontier Corp. The leadership positions he held at the company include; Controller, Network plant operations’ director, IT president, and director of business development. Due to his exemplary leadership, he was promoted in 1997 to be the vice president in charge of financial management. Read more articles at

In 1998, he joined Eschelon Technologies as a chief financial officer. A year later he got promoted to the position of the Chief Operations Officer. Rick Smith’s impressive results led him to be appointed the company’s president in 2000. He worked as the President until 2003 when he became the company’s CEO. Under his guidance, the revenue of the company grew to over $350 million from $30 million. This stellar record helped the company in 2005 to come out with a successful IPO, initial public offering.

As CEO of Securus, Mr. Rick oversees the daily operations of the prison technology giant. His role involves participating in the development and execution of Securus Technologies’ expansion plans. The company has since invested $600 million in advancing the technology solutions it offers. He has also transformed the company’s workplace. The professionals are doing their best to develop products that improve the operations of their clients.

In the past years, Securus has received more emails and letters appreciating their services. The gratitude shows that the insightful leadership of Rick Smith has improved the quality of customer services. Mr. Rick plans to expand the services of secures to all prisons in North America. He has shown willingness to face new challenges with the same zeal that made him a great leader at Global Crossing and Eschelon. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

How Speaking With a Help Desk Representative of Securus Technologies Can Enable You To Speak With an Inmate From Your Own Home

Securus Technologies is not your ordinary platform of communications in any way. It’s highly imperative for its users to know exactly what the particular platform of communications is offering them. It’s a platform of communications that is allowing inmates and their visitors to communicate with one another via video conferencing methods. It is especially very convenient for visitors, as there are no requirements for me to visit the facility where the inmate’s confined in physically.


By speaking with a customer service representative on the website of Securus Technologies, you be given the guidance and assistance that you’ll need when utilizing the program of Securus Technologies. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of utilizing the program, as it has been designed specifically to allow its immediate users with a form of a very convenient and easy to use communication.


Although one may not necessarily be aware of it, an inmate can be very lonely on many of their days. By offering an inmate some of your time, you may be able to brighten them up when they may be needing it the most. If you’re not necessarily sure about what’d actor you may be able to do to utilize it if it has yet to be installed into the department of communications of the particular correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to chat with is in, it’s recommended for you to make a request to them, as they may be able to install it for you without any problems. Be sure to speak with both institutions, Securus Technologies and the correctional facility the inmate is confined in to ensure that all requirements of compatibility between not only your device but also the devices of the correctional facility are integrated with the Securus Technologies platform.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the Place to Get Your Used BMW

If you are shopping around for a BMW, go with used. You will save a lot of your hard-earned money and you will get exactly what you want for much better price. You won’t waste your money on depreciation or on dealer’s fees and you won’t even have to pay for customization. You can get a BMW that has tinted windows, heated seats and even heated steering wheel without having to pay for it. Good deal!


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to be when you are shopping for a used BMW. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used luxury cares and they offer great deals. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about great customer service and will not resort to pushy sales tactics. Beverly Hills Auto group is confident in the quality of their cars and even encourage you to bring in your own mechanic.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The Best Cosmetic Surgeon For Any Procedure

A cosmetic surgeon is a luxury for some people, even those in Texas, but others may feel the need for a cosmetic surgeon. Some may not understand why a person may need a cosmetic surgeon unless they are in the same situation that the other person is in. Those who feel the need for a cosmetic surgeon may have some imperfections. The person may even be missing certain parts of their body that they would like to look normal again. Some women have had to have their breasts removed due to cancer, and they turn to a cosmetic surgeon to have breast implants, and then their breasts will look a lot more normal.

There are some that were born without certain parts of their body, and a cosmetic surgeon is able to add this part to their body to make it look as natural as possible. Cosmetic surgeons are also great when it comes to weight loss, especially if a person has had a hard time losing weight on their own. Cosmetic surgeons are very valuable, and many people can find a use for them, even if they think the reason they are going to a cosmetic surgeon is for vanity. Even those who cannot afford a cosmetic surgeon will save up the money they need to go to one.When looking for a top Texas cosmetic surgeon, this is something that should be done with care. Cosmetic surgeons are a dime a dozen, but the great surgeons are one in a million. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a one in a million type of cosmetic surgeon because of the fact that she has a lot more training and experience in plastic surgery than many other doctors in Texas. Not only does Dr. Jennifer Walden run her own practice, but she also runs the gamut when it comes to the different surgeries that she performs.

Dr. Jennifer Walden performs enough types of surgery to where she could make someone perfect from head to toe, including down to their feet. Dr. Jennifer Walden has an amazing talent when it comes to plastic surgery, and she has made many people look and feel good about themselves, no matter what the reason is why they chose to go to her for surgery. Those who want to go to Dr. Jennifer Walden are making a good choice, and they’re also guaranteed to get the best service and one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the industry.

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Sawyer Howitt Son to the Founder of Meriwether Group Company

Meriwether Group Company has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The firm serves entrepreneurs by advising them on how they can accelerate their business. The company, whose founder is David Marc Howitt, is led by an accomplished team of entrepreneurs, attorneys, investors, and executives from large corporates like Nike and Adidas. It uses unique and efficient methodologies like accrediting, development of a brand, acquisitions, and mergers so that business can get the desired outcome.

The company works with numerous businesses regardless of whether it is a startup.It is one that needs strategies to grow or needs a succession plan. The Meriwether Group Company custom makes services so that it can fit the needs of the clients. It is this personalized approach that the company has that makes it among the top advisors in the industry. The people who seek the advice of this group have the freedom to mix and match services so that it fits the needs of the firm. If you are looking for a tool to use to get ahead in the business, then this is the company that you should consider. Those who have used the skill from the enterprise get active and energized partners as well as a guide who is trusted helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goal.

David Marc Howitt endeavor has influenced his son Sawyer Howitt. Even at his young age, he is keen to understand how the business operates and functions. Despite the fact that Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is the son of a successful business person when it comes to working, he is up for any task from working on the compound spreadsheet and presentations to taking notes in a meeting and also filing. He is only in the second year of his studies, but he is already seen to be interested in business and trying to understand its functions. The one thing that he is most focused on is the customers and how to best connect with them. Howitt has a breadth of experience and has directed an extensive range of philanthropic organization that supports issues like right of women and education funding. He also worked internationally to help support ethnic study groups, assist in the mentoring of trouble youths and also took part in some administrative internships.


Precious Metal Investment Leader

U.S. Money Reserve recently had a complete re-design of their website. The new and improved site proves that they are the leader in the precious metal industry. The site also provides insight to the values of commitment and trust that the company holds. The update to the website also includes new photographs of the people who run the company. The overall goal of the new website is to educate customers about the benefits of owning government-issued bullion and to make it easy for them to purchase precious metals.


Once a customer enters the website, they are able to see the competitive pricing on bullion bars. It also offers PCGS certified coins for people who are purchasing precious metals. People visiting the new website also have the ability to order a gold information kit and visit the knowledge center. The knowledge center offers information about precious metals and the terms people need to be familiar with when they are coin minting, grading and purchasing.


The new website also has a Client-Connect Advantage space; this allows U.S. Money Reserve to contact them and offer the clients one-on-one consultations, special releases, assistance with making specific purchases and offline transactions that are secure. U.S. Money Reserve prides itself on their customer service. One way that they have great customer service is by allowing market value refunds on all certified coin orders within 30 days.


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has since grown into the largest distributors of government-issued gold, silver and platinum. Phillip N Diehl, former Director of the U.S. Mint, is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. Mr. Diehl wants to help bridge the gap between public service and financial freedom. His experience at the Mint has given him the knowledge he needs about precious metals. Mr. Diehl also has a strong commitment to customer service.


The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts allowing them to offer the highest potential profit to their clients. U.S. Money Reserve is proud that they have become the most trusted in the industry. The team has made several commitments to their clients including: that they insure 100% satisfaction, they will be clear and transparent about what clients are purchasing, they will offer specific recommendations, they aren’t a one time shop and plan on serving clients for a lifetime, and they offer a buyback guarantee on qualifying purchases.


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Bustle Puts Wen by Chaz to the Test

Wen by Chaz Dean is among the most popular beauty products out there. It enables women to grow more hair as well as get rid of the grease within the hair. Many women prefer this QVC advertised product because it delivers great results. A while back, a lady called Emily McClure decided to experiment with Wen hair products.

Emily writes for Bustle. She always had issues with her greasy hair. The Bustle reporter wanted nice hair that would make her feel comfortable and enjoy her daily activities. Often, she felt unkempt and less attractive when she was in public. One day she heard claims about Wen by Chaz. She wasn’t sure whether it was the right product for her hair, so she opted to find out the truth about it. She ordered from eBay her first Wen Hair product and decided to use it for seven days.

When Emily McClure received her Wen hair product, she was shocked by the amount of product she needed to use. Wen recommends customers to use more conditioner to get the desired results. At first, she was skeptical about the directions on the bottle. However, after her first shower, her hair was more voluminous and cleaner.

Emily kept using her Wen product throughout the week, and she experienced a lot of improvement within those seven days. She posted a picture of her hair every day. Judging from her pictures, her hair was no longer than as it had increased in volume. Although she didn’t fancy the idea of washing her hair every day, she reported that the effort was worth the results. She began feeling much better about herself when she was in public

McClure’s little research is proof enough that Wen by Chaz is enhancing the lives of many people. Those who want healthier hair should consider this product. Millions of women are using Wen products every day. For more info, visit the company’s crunchbase page.

Jason Halpern and JMH Development: Working in the Past for the Future

Jason Halpern is a third-generation real estate developer and philanthropist who brings a life time of passion and insight to the industry. He began his career at his father’s Westchester development firm, Halpern Enterprises. He later founded his own full-service real estate firm, JMH Development (JMH), a pioneer in the development of unique and well-positioned properties in burgeoning markets.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

The Halpern family acquired over 50 years of real estate experience with hundreds of residential properties developed in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Jason’s unique experience and skill has allowed him to continue the family’s impeccable reputation. In 2011, he received the Building Brooklyn Award in the Adaptive Reuse category, and he continues to build rapport within the cities that he develops in.

Jason’s specialty is historic buildings and building in historic districts. He is sensitive to the historic aspects of the buildings and their communities. Some of JMH Development’s historically significant projects include the 235-room luxury hotel Aloft South Beach in the heart of Miami Beach (formerly the historic Ankara motel), a converted turn-of-the-century waterfront warehouse at 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, and the Townhouses of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn’s landmark Cobble Hill neighborhood.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

In addition, JMH is working with Madison Estates to renovate the Brooklyn Heights Cinema into luxury condos, and more recently, JMH is working on a deal with Kushner Companies to develop condos from the Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse in Williamsburg.


Jason’s Family

Not all of Jason’s innovation and energy is in property development for profit. He is seriously invested in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center, a Level I Trauma Center that offers open-heart and complex emergency surgeries. The center also reattaches severed limbs, cares for burn victims and cares for patients with life-threatening internal injuries.


Another charity project JMH launched in 2015 is a partnership with Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that provides safe drinking water to developing nations. JMH Development donates $20,000 of every contract signed at its Three Hundred Collins residential development. The donations go to water project funding in Ethiopia and Nepal, bringing clean water to more than 650 locals.



Bruno Fagali is Leading the Cause for Social Justice

Bruno Fagali is serving Brazilians everywhere as an advocate in legal services. After serving locally for years, he has now opened up to those online. Here is a little about him, what he offers and how he might be able to help you with your legal issues.

Areas of Expertise:

Public Anti-Corruption

– Administrative Contracts

– Urban Law

– Administrative Liability

– Civil Liability

– Administrative Actions

– Regulatory Law

– Bidding Law

– Public Actions

– Civil Actions

– Exploratory Actions

Bruno Fagali has worked for years to clean the system of public corruption and other injustices. A law firm has been established for this exact purpose. Ethics and training is what leads the path to social justice and equality. That’s what Bruno Fagali stands for everyday.

In the beginning of his career Fagali had an internship in several law firms. He received a bachelor of law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He is also a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. His Masters degree was in State Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law from that university as well. While there, he received scholarships while there and became active in social justice at that time.

He is fluent is English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. He enjoys the outdoors, and the way he has integrated his social justice causes with his life is inspiring. His commitment to his cause and the social justice in his country is truly an inspiration to all who work towards the cause.

He is available for those people that need help in the categories he specializes in, and can help foster social justice in any area that he assists. Fagali has his writings published as well for study and guidance in the area of social justice.