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Elon Musk is Still Working Towards Mars

Recently, multi-billionaire CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of electric car giant Tesla’s Elon Musk has reaffirmed that his biggest goal is to someday colonize Mars. The business tycoon has long been documented as having quite the affinity for the red planet and has dedicated most of his adult life to the pursuit of humans being an interplanetary species. Although SpaceX makes a living currently off of both delivering satellites into outer space for a variety of US and international clients and delivering supplies to the International Space Station, Musk’s true intention with SpaceX is to use it as a vehicle through which Mars may one day be colonized. To aid the engineer and his team he is calling upon the Falcon Heavy. Although this may sound like a fictional science fiction aircraft it is actually quite real and quite powerful. The first test flight of the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s largest rocket to date, is scheduled for later this summer although SpaceX is frequently known to push back scheduled launches in order to fine tune their design. This is completely understandable of course seeing that each launch of the Falcon Heavy is estimated to cost around ninety million dollars. Even Musk himself has said that it is unlikely the Falcon Heavy will be successful on its first attempt at space flight due to the almost insurmountable number of steps and stages that need to happen with near impossible perfection in order to be successful. It’s unlikely that in any of our lifetimes we will see Mars be fully colonized. But if I’m putting money on anyone or any company to achieve the mammoth feat it’s going to be Elon Musk and his brainchild SpaceX.

A Look At Greg Secker’s Strategies Of Succeeding In Forex Trading

Successful traders zero in on the prevailing trends in the financial markets. A number of people opt to venture into trading as a way of making money. It is possible for an individuals to set their own hours, be their own bosses, and have unlimited income. One of the professionals who has demonstrated his success in the financial markets is Greg Secker. However, investing comes with unique challenges. For this reason, one should seek for more information about the trade that he or she is willing to invest in.

Many individuals are earning money through trading. Some people simply jump right into the business without educating themselves on the basics involved, including the methodology. As with any venture, it is essential to understand the basics before trading. Before investing in forex trading, one should seek to know how it works and the terminologies used.

Greg contends that potential investors should ask themselves if they are ready to venture into forex trading. Forex trading involves complex trading and requires a lot of time monitoring the charts. People can trade from any part of the globe. However, it is subject to fluctuations owing to the current information in global events. Advancement in technology has resulted in the development of software programs that analyze the charts for an investor. With a proper strategy, forex trading can be a lucrative venture for any investor.

In addition, it is advisable for investors to have a mentor. Secker posits that these individuals remove guesswork out of the trading. An investor should also learn a particular trading strategy and use it regularly. The other important element is that investors should have definite goals, be realistic, and disregard emotions while trading.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and international speaker. In 2003, he established the Knowledge to Action Group. The business comprises different firms, including SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index. Through these corporations, Greg has been able to encourage many people to engage in forex trading.

Greg commenced his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services before moving to foreign exchange desk to manage a new enterprise known as Virtual Trading Desk. The venture allowed customers to obtain real-time quotes regarding big foreign exchange transactions. Additionally, Greg had a successful career at Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the vice president before starting his business.


Impressive High Quality Durable Fashion With Fabletics

TechStyle brand Fabletics continues to make a huge impact in the fashion industry. One of the reasons that the industry has been greatly influenced by this brand is that they have a unique approach to almost everything they do. For one thing, they do not go by the methods of fast fashion. The problem with fast fashion is that a lot of times, the products that are produced are not that durable. They are only made to last a season or two. Fabletics, on the other hand, has moved forward with the realization that there is more to high fashion than how a product looks.


One thing that Kate Hudson and the other people behind the Fabletics brand is that they don’t want their customers to waste their money. They don’t want their customers to have to buy the same product over and over because each product tears apart in the washing machine. A lot of care goes into how the items are put together. This includes the environment that the products were made in. Fabletics makes sure that their designers work in a very friendly and comfortable environment. They don’t try to cut costs so that they can sell clothes for as cheap as possible.


One issue that people are faced with is a compound of frustration. It is not uncommon for people to buy clothes that do not last and then find out that they were made without any regard to ethics. This can not only cause people to feel frustrated because of the flimsy products but also cause them to feel guilty for supporting a company that has no regard for ethics. Fabletics has thought about their approach and wants everyone to feel like they won. This is one of the reasons that they make sure that the customers have the styles that they want that will last them.


Even with all of the innovations being brought forth to the customers from Fabletics, the most important thing to the company is ethics. They want people who are going to enjoy the process of making products and bringing them to the customers.

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George Soros’ Stand on how the Society Should Live

George Soros is a Hungary-American billionaire who is globally recognized due to his tremendous contributions to charity undertakings. He is the head of the Open Society Foundations, which is devoted to bettering societies across the globe. The liberal billionaire has given over $12 billion in his lifetime to facilitate the operations of activists and organization that advocate for justice, accountability, transparency, and freedom of speech. The Open Society Foundations offers financial aid to various bodies that fight for the rights of the Roma people who are based in Europe. It has also been protecting oppressed people such as sex workers, LGBTI individuals, and drug addicts. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

Soros owns a profitable hedge fund firm that is known as Soros Fund Management. The company has been in business since 1970 and has generated billions of dollars. George has invested a fortune in the Open Society Foundation, which is made up of a couple of partners, organizations, and projects that operate in about 100 countries globally. The foundation offered it first donations to black South Africans who were not able to attend higher learning institutions due to oppression by the apartheid rule. Since 1979, Soros has supported several activities that improve the society.

The liberal billionaire donated a lot of money to support the Ferguson protests. He worked in with various civil rights groups across the United States to make a positive impact. The billionaire hoped that the movement would stimulate civil action against the offender, Darren Wilson, who has shot Michael Brown. Many other movements arose after the protests.

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According to the tax information of the Open Society Foundations, the organization gave about $33 million to support the activities of the various groups that inspired people in the grassroots to take part in the Ferguson protests. The support that George Soros gave assisted in changing a criminal activity that occurred for a few minutes into a matter that needed national attention. Kenneth Zimmerman, who is a director of the Open Society Foundation, believes that people should be offered an opportunity to be part of the government to ensure that there is a democracy, justice, inclusiveness, and accountability in the society. The organization has been offering financial aid to civil and human rights groups since 1979, but they do not have to take its instructions. Zimmerman said the Open Society Foundations did not influence the action of the activists in any way.

Several organizations that were funded by George Soros’ charity worked together in mobilizing the Ferguson protests. They inspired people in the grassroots and also online platforms such as social media. Others monitored the case to see if they could find credible information, which they later offered to news media. The human and civil rights groups dominated the mainstream media during the protests. Learn more about his profile at

Susan McGalla Helps Women Realize Their Potential

Susan McGalla is showing a lot of aspiring business women how they can succeed in the corporate world. She has been able to provide a lot of things that can give women a better start when it comes to gaining ground as business executive.

Many people that have been in the business industry are wondering how they can reach the top. Susan McGalla has constantly said that education is definitely the key for women that are looking to compete against men in the business world.

She believes that this is a central stepping-stone for anyone that is trying to compete against men for positions in CEO level jobs. She believes that there is no way around this because men that are in these positions are already highly educated.

Women that do not take time to acquire a degree in the field that they are working in will always have a harder time getting to a higher level position.

Susan is someone that believes in helping other women that are trying to break into corporate roles in the business world. She believes that there is a lot of room for women to level the playing field, but they have to be prepared for what is out there.

Women have to be assertive and they have to be confident in your skills. This is something else that Susan McGalla has emphasized over the years. She has put her ear to the streets, and she has been able to totally help people transform their lives. She has actually given women a new option to consider when it comes to building a better career. So many people have become better at focusing on career goals after listening to Susan McGalla. She is a master in building brands, and she has imparted her knowledge on to others that may be looking for a career in a field such as this.

There are a number of opportunities out there, and Susan is going to help females realize their potential. She has shown women that they can lead inside of corporations or build their own business structure.

Nutritional Value Remains Important In Beneful’s Latest Grain Free Recipe

One of the aims of most pet parents is to make sure we provide the best quality of life for our dog as they move from a puppy to an adult. Once a dog moves into adulthood they require a pet food with the highest level of nutritional value in order to make sure they remain happy and healthy as they pass into adulthood; Beneful has always been determined to place the welfare of each dog high on the list of reasons the brand has become so beloved among those who have already made the switch to a brand focused entirely on the health and welfare of pets.

The launch of the grain free recipe from Beneful has kept the nutritional value at 100 percent of that required by adult dogs and has also placed flavor at the heart of the corn and gluten free recipe. In the past Beneful has focused its marketing efforts on dogs by creating TV spots and billboards focused on attracting pets, but its grain free option brings a new level of good health to the pet industry’s growing healthy foods sector.Beneful believes it is important for all pets to be given the chance to enjoy a healthy and happy life that includes Beneful grain free foods that are created with real poultry raised on a farm as the main ingredient. Beneful has created a healthy recipe filled with flavor created from spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries that combine perfectly with the chicken to keep every dog as happy as possible.

New York’s Leading Cardiologist Edward Honig


A cardiologist is described simply as a doctor who has special training when it comes to issues of the human cardiovascular system. However simple the description of a cardiologist is their job and importance in the health department as a whole is everything but. A cardiologist’s job is to assess each of their patient’s individual medical history while also evaluating their physical health in order to determine each person’s unique diagnoses. It is in your best interest to meet with a cardiologist every so often in order to rule out any cardiovascular diseases that may or may not be affecting your overall health. One of the leading cardiologists in New York is Dr. Edward Honig.


On the north shore of Long Island lies the beautiful city of Glen Cove, New York in which the esteemed cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig. Edward Honig is a medical doctor who has plenty of experience as he has been in practice for over sixty-five years. He received his strict and extensive training at the acclaimed Duke University School of Medicine and has a certified New York state medical license. Because of his intense training in the cardiology field, Dr. Honig has extensive knowledge in diagnosing his new cardiology patients, treating his patients with existing conditions, and preventing people under his care from ever getting a cardiovascular disease or needing cardiology work in the first place.


According to RateMDs, you can visit Dr. Honig in order to receive specialized care if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: chest pain, dizziness, or even shortness of breath. Once in his care, Edward can perform a wide range of tests to locate the unique issue you may be having with your heart. Some of the machines that he can utilize in order to specify your problem include an ECG or an X-ray. In some cases, even blood tests are needed in order for him to provide a secure and thorough evaluation of your overall physical health.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero And His Media Connections

There are many large media firms around the world, and one of the most-impressive is Grupa Televisa. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the CFO of this company. He does more than simply manage the finances of the company. He has established relationships across the industry, and he ensured that the company has a reach that goes far beyond the Spanish-speaking nations. This article explains how the company has worked with other firms to broaden the offerings they have.

#1: The Cross-Relationships With Other Media Companies

There are many media companies that will work with Grupo Televisa to ensure that they may offer Spanish language broadcasts. They have many telenovella and other programs that they show, and they have the rights to a number of different sporting events that may be of interest to people who live in North America. Someone who wishes to watch these events may thank Salvi for the partnerships he has created.

#2: The Finances He Manages

The finances that he manages help the company establish to ensure that their broadcasts reach across the globe, and they have shown their programs to many people who would not see them otherwise. He has been related to many companies in the west including Sirius, and his track record with these companies shows that Grupa Televisa is the most-respected of any other company in the Spanish-speaking world.

#3: The Productions He Pays For

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero pays for a number of productions that will enlighten and entertain a number of people who watch every day. Children may learn quite a lot when watching the programs Salvi paid for, and adults may be entertained by the things they see. Grupo Televisa has a range of shows that they show every year, and they allow their audience to guide programming that they wish to see. Ratings are taken seriously, and they are used to set advertising prices.

There are many different people who will find that they may learn something from Grupo Televisa, and there are many more who will be pleased with what they see. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has ensured the company has all the resources that are required.


Hottest Planet Ever Discovered

A new planet has been discovered by astronomers, and the details regarding it are surprising scientists. It is a gas giant in close orbit around a star in the constellation Cygnus. Named KELT-9B, it is the hottest planet ever discovered, with estimated surface temperatures in the range of 7,800 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than many stars.


The planet was discovered by scientists at Vanderbilt University and Ohio State. It takes this gas giant only about 1.5 earth days to orbit its star, and the researchers say it likely has a tail like a comet as it spins.


Scott Gaudy from the Ohio State University was the leader of the team that published the study.


“It’s a gas giant 2.8 times more massive than Jupiter but only half as dense,” he said upon the study’s release, “because the extreme radiation from its host star has caused its atmosphere to puff up like a balloon. And because it is tidally locked to its star ― as the Moon is to Earth ― the day side of the planet is perpetually bombarded by stellar radiation, and as a result is so hot that molecules, such as water, carbon dioxide and methane can’t form there.”


The original study appeared on the Ohio State web site. Their findings have excited scientists from all over the planet.


The team used the KELT (Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope) built by Joshua Pepper, astronomer and assistant professor of physics at Lehigh University. The two part device located in Arizona and South Africa to observe the planet. They are both small, robotic telescopes that scan the night sky continuously, studying over 5 million stars.


When those robots detect a dimming of a star’s light over multiple observations, it gains special scrutiny to determine if it the dimming is caused by a planetary orbit. This technique has been used extensively over the last few decades to find thousands of exoplanets. This one just appears to be the hottest.


Jim Tananbaum, one of Finest Investors in the Healthcare Sector

Jim Tananbaum has been shaking up the healthcare sector for a while now. Since his first investment in the industry with GelTex in 1991, Jim Tananbaum has gone on to invest in 20 other companies, including Foresite Capital where he currently serves as the chief executive officer.

To arrive at this enviable level of success, Jim Tananbaum has had a busy journey. His academic qualifications, covering four degrees, were attained in only ten brief years. He was first awarded a B.S. and B.S.S.E degree at Yale University in 1985. He then went on to concurrently complete a Master of Science program in Health Science and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at Harvard Medical School. He the closed his educational chapter with an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991. For more info visit LinkedIn


Even before founding Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum had a very successful professional career. He founded two very successful companies at the beginning of his professional journey: GelTex and Theravance. GelTex was eventually acquired for $1.6 while Theravance is currently valued in excess of three billion dollars. He has carried the same performance and success to other notable companies like Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners. Check out LinkedIn to know more


In a report by Patient Daily, Jim Tananbaum’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized in Forbes magazine’s 2017 Midas List as one of the top technology investors. More specifically, he is ranked the 52nd overall investor on the list. The deal that particularly got him on the list is that involving Intarcia Therapeutics. Mr. Tananbaum guided the company to one of the biggest IPOs in the biotechnology industry in late 2014.


Understandably for a man of his stature, Jim Tananbaum seats on the boards of a number of companies and institutions. He is one of the board advisors at Peloton Therapeutics. He also serves an almost-similar advisory role at the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST). Further, he also serves on the President’s Advisory Board at Yale University.

Beyond that Jim Tananbaum is a family man. The 54-year-old San Francisco resident is married and has two children. When away from work spending time his family is among most favorite pass-times.


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