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Logitech Designing New Keyboard for VR

TechCrunch reports on the newest technological developments by the company Logitech, which has begun developing keyboards specifically for use in virtual reality.

No matter your experience with typing and using a computer, many find it both disorienting and frustrating to use a keyboard the first time they enter VR. To solve this problem, Logitech is creating a keyboard compatible with the HTC Vive, helping users and their headset know where the keyboard is at all times in relation to themselves.

These kits are composed of three distinct parts, only one of which is the keyboard itself. The second is a special sensor that tells the Vive where the keyboard is, giving a more organic and useful feel to typing that it absent from regular VR use. The third piece is software development kit, allowing users to modify the program however they like for easier and better use.

In a demo video released by the company, it is revealed that one of the techniques used to help orient users to typing within virtual reality is by projecting their own hands above the virtual keyboard. This gives users a better feel of where they are in relation to their technology and will significantly reduce the amount of dissociation caused while operating a computer in VR.

This technology is not yet ready for release to the public, however, with more testing required before the company is certain it will work as intended. Logitech is seeking volunteers for the first wave of testing, looking for 50 developers who would be willing try out these kits and report on any bugs and leave their feedback. Applications will be accepted until November 16.

David Giertz on Retirement Planning

David Giertz advised on the importance of smart retirement saving and the strategies one need to have to take control of their future. He was ardent to offer tips on how to secure a financially stable retirement.

He says that sometimes the money people save from income may not be enough and therefore need to get other income opportunities to ensure financial stability before that period. This may be challenging due to the lack of retirement amount estimates.

Regarding the question whether investment can lead to financial freedom, he says that it depends on the investments one engages in depending on:

  • Whether one has enough money for retirement-This relies on the amount of money one will have saved and whether it will be enough, influenced by retirement needs knowledge being advantageous if one saves at least thirty three timesperson’s annual salary.
  • Knowing the retirement plan that fits an individual-One needs to find a retirement plan that suits them, and if one considers an early retirement, then a Roth IRA would be preferable.If one is considering to retire before the age of 55, then 72(t) rule would be best.

He says the best way is to complement savings account with a brokerage account.According to David Giertz, brokerage accounts have no limitations on investments and withdrawals.He encourages on saving in health savings accounts.

About David Giertz

David Giertz holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a masters (MBA). He is a broker and an expert in retirement planning industry. His experience of over thirty years in financial services sector makes him one of the best financial advisors in U.S.He is a certified business coach with WABC and an industry arbiter with FINRA. He is currently the president and financial advisor of Nationwide Financial Sales and distribution organization which he joined on April 3rd ,2013.

Robot Lawyers Are A Thing Now

Four Cambridge law students have developed an artificial intelligence program dubbed Case Cruncher Alpha, which can predict whether the Ombudsman will allow a claim with an accuracy rate of over 80%.


In a truly futuristic contest that took place last month, the Case Cruncher AI went up against 100 lawyers from several high-profile London firms. The challenge was to determine whether man or machine could predict the outcomes of cases with greater accuracy.


The computer won the contest, predicting 86.6% of cases accurately. The human lawyers, on the other hand, finished with an accuracy rate of just 66.3%.


The truly impressive thing about Case Cruncher isn’t just its prediction ability, but the fact that its developers don’t have a background in computer science. Case Cruncher began as a simple chatbot that could answer legal questions. It developed into its current incarnation under the guidance of Chief Executive Ludwig Bull, who taught himself about AI during law school.


As with many forms of artificial intelligence, Case Cruncher’s success has raised concerns about whether certain legal jobs are in jeopardy. Could this hail the end of paralegals and junior lawyers?


Felix Steffek, a Cambridge lecturer who helped oversee the competition, isn’t concerned. “Both sides could have achieved better or worse results under different conditions,” he said, adding that the results of both human and computer could have varied based on lawyer expertise and the stage of AI development.


Case Cruncher is still in its very early stages of development, and Steffek believes the real question is whether it will “remain limited to descriptive analysis or whether it will be capable of evaluating rules and events.” But it’s a real possibility that an AI like this will become a useful tool for junior lawyers and paralegals as time goes on.

Law Enforcement Agencies Benefits Most from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a popular public safety, investigative, corrective, and monitoring company offering technological solutions in criminal and civil justice. Securus Technologies is among the top rated companies in preventing crimes, offering pertinent crime solutions, and enhancing the safety of incarceration environments.


Securus Technologies regularly launches a new innovation every week. These products and services are all aimed at helping law enforcement firms to execute their duties better. Correction officers are now able to attend to their duties with little challenges of managing data and planning. This is particularly possible with the managerial software the company has availed to the incarceration market.


Richard Smith, popularly called Rick, serves as the chairperson and chief executive officer at Securus Technologies. Through his commitment and dedication, the company has received international recognition in promoting corrections. Several emails and letters received at Securus Technologies all allude to the growing dependency and reliability of the company’s services and products. The company admits to safety as being the center of its relentless effort and focus. Further, the company is highly honored to protect and serve others regardless of their affiliations.


A client commented on how the recent introduction of contraband service enabled them to find and arrest a corrupt staff. The monitoring service has reduced the rate of alcohol use, vending, and trafficking in most incarceration firms. The ability retrieve and deduce any suspicious conversations, threats, and cellular device usage within the incarceration environment is impeccable. Securus Technologies emergency services have fostered the overall possibility of controlling and detecting contraband usage within the correction environment. Clients have also praised the investigative tools and services offered by Securus Technologies.


A contraband user in a correction agency overheard an inmate orienting his family on what to say when investigated about the shooting he had committed. Through monitoring and LBS software, clients, who are mostly correction agencies, can now execute their duties with ease.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas and offers personalized, innovative services to more than 3,450 law enforcement firms, public safety, and correction agencies. The firm also serves more than 1.2 million inmates.

Organo Gold’s Coffee Consumption Linked to a Longer Life.

For many years there has been a close association between living long and drinking coffee. It reduces attacks that come with old age like stroke and heart diseases. Studies that were carried out and then printed by Annals of Internal Medicine indicated the benefits of coffee consumption like as we said a long life span. The research that was conducted sampling over 185,000 Americans from all works of life and races concluded that cancer, stroke, heart conditions and kidney diseases could be reduced. With low diagnosis of these ailments people could live longer because of simply drinking coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

With caffeine or without it, the benefits are permanent and do not affect advantages. Together with using tea, coffee use will help in liver detoxification. Taking more than two cups of the beverage on a daily basis reduced the chances of dying early by an average of 18%. To show the accuracy of the study, it was carried out over a period of 16 years. There is a close link between long life and a habit of coffee drinking.


Apart from doing the study in America, there was a similar one done in Europe that gave the same results. 520,000 people in 10 European countries were involved in the research.

A company that has been producing coffee products for a long time now is Organo. It has advanced to also coming up with personal care merchandise that customers enjoy using. Independent distributors in the world are involved in the sale of products and they give clients discounts.

Organo never hesitates in giving people a means of getting extra income. The distributors in more than 50 countries get chances that enable them realize their dreams and become financially stable with riches.

Their generosity is exceptional since they give people knowledge that enables them become independent while growing rich. Organo Gold helped in the printing of The Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”, a book that has helped people in various businesses. Visit to know more.

Boraie Development Commits Its Projects to Develop The Real Estate Sector in New Jersey

In a real estate editorial piece through the Wall Street Journal, the city of New Jersey holds the highest number of wasted mortgages and residential houses. In fact, some of these houses are undergoing foreclosure. For that reason, the entire country is affected. However, the situation can be controlled. New Jersey’s real estate market has been doing well. It means that things are looking up for the city. These transformations can be linked to the past economic crisis and high rates of employment. The positive trends reflect the city’s determination to solve this economic crisis. It is also evident that these economic trends will have a positive impact on home shortages by combating the pricing aspect.


Tackling the issue of demand


The same article deduced a lot concerning home prices in New Jersey. The pricing is meant to appreciate as the demand is vastly rising. In addition to the bottlenecks that prevented the growth of real estate in New Jersey, there is high demand compared to the available supply. The result is the real estate developers being challenged to come up with viable solutions. One of these solutions is coming up with more houses to cover the gap between supply and demand. Towards this end, buyers are looking forward to purchasing more homes.


Boraie Development’ Profile


New Jersey’s real estate market is looking at multiple ways to grow. One strategy is investing in a property developer. In this scenario, Boraie Development is a perfect choice. In most instances, Boraie Development has always come through to develop luxurious property. Be it commercial or residential, Boraie Development has achieved significant success. The firm’s portfolio harbors unmatched success in terms of property management, sales, marketing and home improvements. What is more, Boraie Development boasts of reliable team managers who can be trusted to deliver exquisite results.


Boraie Development’s Projects


Boraie Development has been working on multiple commercial projects. Amazingly, all these projects have been successfully executed. From architectural designs, to social amenities, features a firm team that executes its duties appropriately. For over three decades, the company has closely worked with talented property developers to provide its clients with leading structures. Perhaps the company’s success is solely attributed to the management.


The Achievements of Boraie Development


Boraie Development, under the guidance of its leader, Omar Boraie, developed New Brunswick, a town in New Jersey. This is a leading project that most individuals were not sure would be a success. Surprisingly, the company succeeded in transforming the city into a high-end , residential area. Visit the company’s website at

Michel Terpins takes part in the 25th Sertões Rally.

The four cities in Goiás Goiânia, Goianésia, Santa Therezinha de Goiás and Aruanã, one in Mato Grosso (Barra do Garças) and three in Mato Grosso do Sul (Coxim, Aquidauana, and Bonito) will be playing host to the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally.This is no mean task as it will enable all the fans of the sport have a feel of the rally and at the same time open them up to new possibilities that have become part of the racing culture.The 3300 route covers every terrain available in Brazil and the challenges that the drivers will face will ensure that only the best shine in the event.

The Sertoes rally is what Michel Terpins has grown to bee come synonymous with he is today as part of the Bull Sertões Rally Team considered an exceptional driver.His quality and skill are admirable by all considering that he was previously well known as a cross-country champion who had grown to an icon of the sport.for him to transition from a sport that he was at the helm it took the intervention of his brother Rodrigo terpins who convinced him of the better opportunities in rallying and the ability for his star to shine even brighter here.His faith in his abilities have not let him down especially since they founded the Bull Sertões Rally Team together with Rodrigo.They were able to attract the attention of the MEM motorsport team a very able developer of rallying vehicles they were able to convince them to develop the T1 prototype T-rex that is being used by Michel and his navigator Maykel Justo for this edition. The second time they are taking on this vehicle will see an all-around improvement on it giving it better handling braking and advanced suspension this are but some of the improvements that proved necessary from the previous edition of the rally.

The team is earmarked to do well as they have the skill and capability on every possible level and Michel looking to add to his statistics. The Bull Sertões Rally Team will also be looking to continue impressing there sponsors 100% Eventos, Xarla, Bull Sertões and support team MEM.

Constitution Building and Interpretation: An Interview with Professor Sujit Choudhry

Constitution building is a vital part of the formation of a nation. Various people have been involved in building great governments across the world. One of them is Sujit Choudhry, a distinguished professor of the law who has been instrumental in developing constitutions in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

The Centre for Constitutional Transitions mobilizes international think tanks and Non-Governmental Organizations to create policies for producing content-full constitutions. Advising stakeholders in emerging democracies in the world inspired him to come up with an organization that would provide up-to-date information to be used to construct new constitutions and amend existing ones. Earning law degrees from three countries has made Sujit appreciate that each one of them has its own set of historical policy-making strategies necessary for creating a well-balanced democratic constitution. Each country is facing different issues based on the interpretation of their constitution. Sujit has been able to acquire a common ground with the people on the grassroots to better understand the problems they are facing.  Follow his tweets, hit on

Relevant article here.

The greatest achievement Sujit has had is his ability to bring together a cocktail of experts across the world to collaborate in constitution building and interpretation. His greatest challenge, however, has been trying to adapt to different views from people of contrasting backgrounds outside his American setting. Sujit Choudhry is an I. Michael Heyman Prof of Law at the great University of California. Previously, he was a Cecelia Goetz Prof of Law at the famous New York University. He was also a Scholl Chairperson at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.  Related article on

A Rhodes Scholar himself, Sujit has written numerous articles, research papers, reports and books. Check to read about his published work.  He is also a member of numerous organization where he has been instrumental in helping develop better laws. Through his books and insights, various democracies have found better ways of governing their citizens without oppressing anyone. Sujit Choudhry has been recognized as a person who is determined to reconcile and bring sanity to how people are governed. He is also known for his generosity and promoter of positive ruling.

For further info about the professor, visit


The American Institute of Architects is an institution that is working towards building and adding skills to different architects in the United States of America. Its headquarters is in Washington D.C. The institution offers great help to different architects across the country by educating them and also improving the lives of its community. The American Institute of Architects works in collaboration with other companies associated with building design where they work together to ensure that there is smooth coordination in the industry.

The American Institution of Architects is headed by Robert Ivy who is the Chief Executive Officer. He has had very impressive achievements while in the industry of architecture. Among his achievement was using his position to champion the use of architect to building and improving health infrastructure.

Robert Ivy improved the American Institute of Architects so as to create the awareness of the kind of work and importance of architects in the society. He was born in America and specifically in Mississippi. Robert Ivy is an Alumnus of Sewanee University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and later on went to further his studies where he did his masters degree in Architecture from Tulane. Robert Ivy is well known for his works on publications to do with an architect who made Robert be well known across the country. His publications made him get awards and among them were the G.D Crain Award and also were acknowledged by Alpha Rho Chi and the architect community as the Master of Architect. Mr. Robert Ivy has also been admitted as a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics.

To make it official that one was a certified architect, laws had to be made and a group of professionals had to come up with proper laws. Before the American Institute of Architects was formed people would abuse the profession and this led to the introduction of laws to govern and regulate Architects. The laws made to govern the different architects were put in their constitution in the year 1860. It was named the New York Society of Architects which later on came to be known as the American Institute of Architect.

American Institute of Architects has registered over 100,000 members who are licensed and work professionally under the code of ethics and professional conduct. The architects have to adhere to the code of conduct which is supposed to make the client be sure that the chosen architect is dedicated to their work and will perform their duties as required by the law. Architects no longer get rogue because of the American Institute of Architects which has come to make sure that architects work professionally across the country with the help of their able CEO Mr. Robert Ivy who is a respected person among all architects.

Talking Through Issues In Texts

Having a great friend that you can communicate with about your problems is a wonderful blessing. However, that person does not have to be someone that you know personally anymore. If you are willing to pay a reasonable rate, you can have a therapist willing to text you about your mental health issues.

Talkspace is the way that people all around the country and the world are doing this. It is a newer service out there that helps connect those with mental health struggles with a licensed professional who can help talk them through those problems.

Text messaging someone who is a professional and knows what he or she is doing can help a person receive the best quality care that they can possibly receive. It is a different way of doing things than some might be used to, but that just means that technology has moved in the right direction towards helping us with the mental health problems that we have.

Magallen Health has reached out to Talkspace to partner with them on their program. They want to provide Talkspace to their patients for use in the near future. That program is just about to get kicked off and started. Once that happens, you can bet that more people will have heard about Talkspace, and probably many more will want to start using it as well.

Even though there are lingering stigmas about mental illness, these are slowly being overcome through services such as Talkspace. It is a step in the right direction. It is a sign that technology can be used to help us solve our problems. It is also just a great thing for the whole human race and human condition in general. Few services on one’s phone are as potentially life-altering as this one can be for some people.