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SpaceX Gets Contract to Launch Secret Air Force Space Plane

Hawthorne, CA-based SpaceX was awarded the contract to launch a U.S. Air Force secret space plane. The X-37B is an unmanned craft that resembles a small space shuttle. It is built by Boeing, and is being used as an orbital test vehicle.


The X-37B was previously launched by the United Launch Alliance, the joint space venture of Lockheed-Martin and Boeing. The space plane will now be carried into orbit by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 partially reusable launch vehicle. It has a small, 7×4 foot cargo bay. Boeing is developing a new X-37C which will be able to carry up to 6 astronauts or passengers into orbit.


The space plane’s previous four missions were secret long-duration flights, with the most recent lasting more than 700 days. The unmanned, robotic craft is testing technologies including navigation, control, thermal protection and autonomous orbital flight, according to Capt. AnnMarie Annicelli, U.S. Air Force spokeswoman.


SpaceX’s profitability will get a boost from the new military space plane launch contract, according to TechCrunch. The X-37B has also been described as a “mini Space Shuttle.” Space enthusiasts have wondered about its function and secret missions since it was first-launched five years ago. The Air Force reportedly has two operating space planes.


One potential function of the space plane test flights was reported in National Interest. A Hall-effect ion thruster engine was reported to be under evaluation in the X-37B. This engine enables a shuttle or other space vehicle to maneuver better in space. Current technology is slow and cumbersome with limited mobility. The Hall-effect thruster isn’t as fast as jet engines usable in the atmosphere, but does offer benefits in an orbital space environment. It could enable the X-37B to perform a critical mission to defend satellites or provide an early-warning system in case of attack.


Mars tour includes ‘Batmobile’ Rover

NASA and the Kennedy Space Center are rolling out their “Summer of Mars” with what can only be described as an eyecatching advertisement for the future of space travel. After being unveiled in Florida only a few days ago, the sci-fi looking Mars concept rover has earned the nickname ‘The Batmobile’ for its sleek design and skill in making the work of space exploration look cool.

The would-be rover concept, designed by Parker Brothers Concepts through a partnership with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, is an electric vehicle that might serve as a blueprint for a futuristic Mars rover.


The vehicle has several features which make it uniquely suited for the task of exploring the red planet. The most obvious are its six wheels, and the slightly more subtle split down the middle, which enables the “cockpit” area to disengage from the module and travel on its own, while the rear serves as an on-site lab like something out of Star Trek. The vehicle weighs in at almost 5,000 lbs. and measures 28ft long. It can, reportedly, reach speeds of up to 70mph.


The concept rover will tour the country over the summer with the “Summer of Mars” promotional event. The goal is to generate interest across the American public for missions towards the red planet in the near future, and the added benefit of serving in a “new astronaut training experience” at the Kennedy Space Center this fall. On top of this, the concept rover will be playing a starring role in a new reality TV series which will feature the design of the rover itself.


If NASA’s primary goal was to make space exploration look appealing, it’s probably safe to say they found a winner with this one.


Jason Hope

*Jason Hope: A Man with many Ambitions:

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist as well as successful investor based in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition to Jason Hope’s business interests he has also taken an interest in Politics. Jason Hope worked hard to achieve success but he also believes in giving back to people and the community.Jason Hope received a degree in finance from Arizona State University. In addition, Mr. Hope also received an MBA from the Carey School of Business. At present, Jason Hope runs a successful business consulting service.

Jason Hope has taken an active interest in aged related illnesses. In addition, Hope has used his own money to advance research into preventative measures for diseases such as Alzheimer disease.Much of Jason Hopes efforts are placed upon the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation was founded in late 2009, the foundation focuses upon age related illness. Approximately one year after the formation of SENS, Hope donated $500 thousand dollars to the organization.

Since 2010 Hope has donated additional funds to the SENS Organization. The ultimate goal is to find new ways to prevent age related disease and illness. Hope feels this would truly be a real medical advancement. Hopes efforts thus far have helped turn more attention toward age related illness as well as how society views illness such as this.Jason Hope also devotes his time to writing. He was written numerous articles about the latest technology trends and how they affect America as a whole. Hope also writes about the changing technological trends and how the trends both help as well as hurt business America.

Mr. Hope frequently makes comparisons to kitchen and electrical appliances when he is describing technology in general. He then takes it a step further when he explains how these simple devices impact America.Jason Hope has accomplished a great deal throughout his life. He shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Hope can look at his man accomplishments such as his involvement with the SENS Foundation as well as his “Futurist” outlook and ambition and he would probably conclude that he still has a long way to go in accomplishing his real dreams and ambitions.


The U.S. Money Reserve Site Is Looking Better than Ever

As the single largest private distributor of United States and foreign gold, many would expect that the U.S. Money Reserve would have a fully functional and very technologically-advanced website.

They do have one now but that hasn’t always been the case. The site operates nearly seamlessly now but it was not the best site available to people in the past. Before, it was a basic site that had very little options for the people who visited to enjoy. It was osmething that made it difficult for people to enjoy the site and it was not put together in a way that really made any sense.

The U.S. Money Reserve made some major changes to their site. Now, when people visit the site, they are able to get the exact information that they need. The company has decided to add new features to their site that make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

For example, visitors to the site can purchase different options for their own needs. They can also have the chance to be able to talk to a coin expert and find out exactly what they can do with the coins that they have.

Using the website is easy and is very seamless thanks to the changes. The site hopes that it will not only make things easier for people to buy coins but it will also give them the chance to make sure that they are learning as much as they possibly can about the coin trading and gold purchasing world. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Their one-on-one client connection system makes it extremely easy to find out a lot of new information so that they may be able to start trading coins again in the future. It has given each person the chance to make true adjustments to the options that they have.

There are also new things that have been added to the site. For example, people can take a tour of the facility to learn how each of the things are put on the site. Anyone who is unable to visit the actual store in Texas can watch how it would be done on the website.

Then, when they’ve watched it and learned as much as possible about it, they can use the convenient e-commerce solutions that the U.S. Money Reserve has set up for everyone to make it easier for them to purchase their gold and coins.

US Money Reserve Has Fully Interactive Website Renovated

US Money Reserve is one of the most popular gold and silver ecommerce companies, and they have a new website for displaying their products including commemorative coins and various numismatics. The website was recoded to become compatible for both Android and Apple devices and much easier to find pertinent investor information. The menus now have a more modern look and have drop-down interactive features.

There are also more photos to browse through featuring the gold, silver and now platinum coins and separate information booklets can now be downloaded as well. First-time visitors will also be taken to an introductory page where US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl takes them through the company basics. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip N. Diehl joined US Money Reserve in 2001 after serving 8 years as US Mint Director in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Diehl was able to accomplish a lot as US Mint Director thanks to his experience in public accounting at the Texas state comptroller’s office.

He turned the functions of the Mint into much more of a business-based operation that generated billions in revenue and returns to US taxpayers. He was the pioneer behind the minting of the first platinum coin, and he’s also discussed the positive implications of eliminating the penny.

US Money Reserve has been dedicated to delivering an enjoyable buying experience for its customers, and its strong commitment to transparency and ethics are what attracted Diehl to come to their executive team. US Money Reserve has information in their knowledge center about why investors should consider adding gold and silver to their portfolios.

These coins and bars are not just collectibles or fancy currency, they’re a way to safeguard your assets against financial storms. The markets are always susceptible to wars, economic downturns, debt ceiling lapse and hyperinflation. Gold and silver will never suffer negative interest rates and cannot be regulated by domestic or foreign authorities.

US Money Reserve closely tracks gold and silver’s value on the stock market and has free information on purchasing precious metals and transferring an IRA. IRA transfers may appear to be complex, but with a guidebook to help you out it can be done fairly quick.

Investing in gold and silver can have risks when its time to sell the precious metals back on the market, but US Money Reserve promises you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product. To get started talking to a US Money Reserve representative, visit today.

Bevely Hills Auto Group Gets you the Best Deal

Buying a used BMW will save you a lot of money and you will have a lot more to choose form as far as models go. You will avoid having to pay for ridiculous dealers fees and you can avoid depreciation. You will also know exactly what you will be getting and you will probably end up with a few extras without having to pay for pricey customization. It just makes sense to buy a used BMW.


Beverly Hills Auto Group has got what you need-luxury cars at a great price and many to choose from! Beverly Hills Auto Group will give you great customer service and will even take on your trade-in. Beverly Hills Auto Group sells only vehicle that pass inspection and will get you financed for your car loan. Beverly Hills Auto Group believe in selling you a car without the usual pushy sales tactics as well.

Rick Smith, The CEO that is driving Securus Technologies to Lead the Corrections Market

Richard, “Rick” Smith has been the chief executive officer, president and chairman of Securus Technologies since June 2008. The company has since then landed more contracts, developed a series of patented technologies, and employed more personnel. Through his leadership, employees Securus Technologies today share in the company’s vision. As a result, the company has become a daunting competitor in the corrections market.


One thing Rick Smith seems to understand is the importance of education in leadership and being an expert in any industry. On top of having a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Buffalo’s State University of New York, he also holds two masters degrees. He obtained his MBA from the Rochester-based Simon School and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Brock Port State University of New York. Rick also received an associate bachelor’s degree in applied science in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Rick Smith has an extensive career history in technology industry dating back to 1992 when he worked with Global Crossing, formerly known as Frontier Corp. The leadership positions he held at the company include; Controller, Network plant operations’ director, IT president, and director of business development. Due to his exemplary leadership, he was promoted in 1997 to be the vice president in charge of financial management. Read more articles at

In 1998, he joined Eschelon Technologies as a chief financial officer. A year later he got promoted to the position of the Chief Operations Officer. Rick Smith’s impressive results led him to be appointed the company’s president in 2000. He worked as the President until 2003 when he became the company’s CEO. Under his guidance, the revenue of the company grew to over $350 million from $30 million. This stellar record helped the company in 2005 to come out with a successful IPO, initial public offering.

As CEO of Securus, Mr. Rick oversees the daily operations of the prison technology giant. His role involves participating in the development and execution of Securus Technologies’ expansion plans. The company has since invested $600 million in advancing the technology solutions it offers. He has also transformed the company’s workplace. The professionals are doing their best to develop products that improve the operations of their clients.

In the past years, Securus has received more emails and letters appreciating their services. The gratitude shows that the insightful leadership of Rick Smith has improved the quality of customer services. Mr. Rick plans to expand the services of secures to all prisons in North America. He has shown willingness to face new challenges with the same zeal that made him a great leader at Global Crossing and Eschelon. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

How Speaking With a Help Desk Representative of Securus Technologies Can Enable You To Speak With an Inmate From Your Own Home

Securus Technologies is not your ordinary platform of communications in any way. It’s highly imperative for its users to know exactly what the particular platform of communications is offering them. It’s a platform of communications that is allowing inmates and their visitors to communicate with one another via video conferencing methods. It is especially very convenient for visitors, as there are no requirements for me to visit the facility where the inmate’s confined in physically.


By speaking with a customer service representative on the website of Securus Technologies, you be given the guidance and assistance that you’ll need when utilizing the program of Securus Technologies. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of utilizing the program, as it has been designed specifically to allow its immediate users with a form of a very convenient and easy to use communication.


Although one may not necessarily be aware of it, an inmate can be very lonely on many of their days. By offering an inmate some of your time, you may be able to brighten them up when they may be needing it the most. If you’re not necessarily sure about what’d actor you may be able to do to utilize it if it has yet to be installed into the department of communications of the particular correctional facility the inmate you’re wanting to chat with is in, it’s recommended for you to make a request to them, as they may be able to install it for you without any problems. Be sure to speak with both institutions, Securus Technologies and the correctional facility the inmate is confined in to ensure that all requirements of compatibility between not only your device but also the devices of the correctional facility are integrated with the Securus Technologies platform.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the Place to Get Your Used BMW

If you are shopping around for a BMW, go with used. You will save a lot of your hard-earned money and you will get exactly what you want for much better price. You won’t waste your money on depreciation or on dealer’s fees and you won’t even have to pay for customization. You can get a BMW that has tinted windows, heated seats and even heated steering wheel without having to pay for it. Good deal!


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to be when you are shopping for a used BMW. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used luxury cares and they offer great deals. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about great customer service and will not resort to pushy sales tactics. Beverly Hills Auto group is confident in the quality of their cars and even encourage you to bring in your own mechanic.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The Best Cosmetic Surgeon For Any Procedure

A cosmetic surgeon is a luxury for some people, even those in Texas, but others may feel the need for a cosmetic surgeon. Some may not understand why a person may need a cosmetic surgeon unless they are in the same situation that the other person is in. Those who feel the need for a cosmetic surgeon may have some imperfections. The person may even be missing certain parts of their body that they would like to look normal again. Some women have had to have their breasts removed due to cancer, and they turn to a cosmetic surgeon to have breast implants, and then their breasts will look a lot more normal.

There are some that were born without certain parts of their body, and a cosmetic surgeon is able to add this part to their body to make it look as natural as possible. Cosmetic surgeons are also great when it comes to weight loss, especially if a person has had a hard time losing weight on their own. Cosmetic surgeons are very valuable, and many people can find a use for them, even if they think the reason they are going to a cosmetic surgeon is for vanity. Even those who cannot afford a cosmetic surgeon will save up the money they need to go to one.When looking for a top Texas cosmetic surgeon, this is something that should be done with care. Cosmetic surgeons are a dime a dozen, but the great surgeons are one in a million. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a one in a million type of cosmetic surgeon because of the fact that she has a lot more training and experience in plastic surgery than many other doctors in Texas. Not only does Dr. Jennifer Walden run her own practice, but she also runs the gamut when it comes to the different surgeries that she performs.

Dr. Jennifer Walden performs enough types of surgery to where she could make someone perfect from head to toe, including down to their feet. Dr. Jennifer Walden has an amazing talent when it comes to plastic surgery, and she has made many people look and feel good about themselves, no matter what the reason is why they chose to go to her for surgery. Those who want to go to Dr. Jennifer Walden are making a good choice, and they’re also guaranteed to get the best service and one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the industry.

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