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Brian Torchin: Healthcare at its Finest

When it comes to trusting your health or the health of someone you care about to a healthcare professional, it is extremely important to know and trust who you will be doing business with. That is true for any position within healthcare whether or not they are your primary caregiver. Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional that is worthy of that trust and the time to get to know him.
He is the owner of a medical staffing company that is called HCRC Staffing which provides medical services all throughout the United States. It is a medical staffing company that operates mainly out of Philadelphia, PA. His company promotes respect and trust with the client as well as the consistent delivery of wonderful results.

Knowing that he is in charge of such an important and influential company says a lot about what kind of person Brian Torchin is. If his company’s beliefs and goals are so impressive, then he is definitely someone to watch in the healthcare world.

Before HCRC Staffing, DocCafe suggests Brian kept himself plenty busy. Not only is he a licensed chiropractor, he also has a degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. These alone create a very impressive resume. And having someone that is so knowledgeable about so many different aspects of healthcare makes him the perfect person to trust when it comes to finding a reliable healthcare professional that you can trust and that you know will do his best to help you in your time of need.  Follow Brian on Behance for more information.

No Senior Living Options For Parents? Try The Manse On Marsh Retirement Utopian Community For The Elderly!

A revolutionary innovator of modern assisted living and independent eldercare solutions, The Manse On Marsh, a Chris Skiff brand, is taking retirement communities for seniors to new heights. Conveniently situated in the downtown core of San Luis Obispo, California, it boasts contemporary amenities to enhance senior living transport services. The founder and chief executive director, Chris Skiff isn’t new to senior community management services. With a career spanning over 20 years, 15 of which he committed to his model, The Manse On Marsh, Skiff expertise in organizing senior living solutions is unmatched.

The facility commands an elite group senior living service professionals. Additionally, the it organizes outings and activities for seniors. Set in an affluent environment, that affords residents abundant opportunities to enjoy authentic entertainment, recreation, restaurant and social life; The Manse On Marsh promises diverse experiences. An award-winning brand, it’s received numerous titles. A sampling includes Builder of the year (2000); Best Commercial Remodel and Award of Commendation (2001); Best Retirement community (2003-2004); Certificate of Recognition (2006); Historical Renovation and Outstanding Contributions to society (2007); First compliance audit in California (2010), etc.

With healthy socialization, personal care, dining and prices solutions, the community promises quality life for residents. Its rare offering includes comfortable senior living arrangement. This senior living utopia offers modern entertainment, technology, dining, medical services and accommodations. With a rich selection of senior living packages, residents receive the best-customized care solutions. tells us the Manse On Marsh provides tailored hospice services, medication management, in-room cable TV, wifi (shared/room), etc. Additionally, the community routinely schedules elder-appropriate activities such as yoga classes, bible studies, group discussions/lectures, supervised off-site expeditions, arts/craft, woodworking, games, fitness programs and music therapy.

Time-managed transportation (shuttle), shared party venue, barber/beauty salon services, hiking trails, private parking and a general TV room for spirited seniors are also available. California’s online media conglomerate, San Luis Obispo or SLO Tribune named The Manse On Marsh the region’s #1 assisted/independent living community for seniors. It’s a nationally acclaimed SLO Tribune RCA (Readers’ Choice Awards) recipient. With multiple living arrangement options such as studios, shared housing, companion suites, self-catering cottages, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom solutions, The Manse On Marsh has something for everyone. It values those it serves and promises to deliver expertly thought-out senior/assisted living recommendations that align with resident needs.

While The Manse On Marsh affords an extraordinary lifestyle for elderly residents, paying for accommodation and customized services isn’t a financial burden. Chris Skiff focuses chiefly on developing a community that resonates with comfort and serenity. Certainly, senior living services don’t come cheap, but this community presents a packaged solution and budget options to meet everyone’s financial needs. The community developers understand the intricacies of personalized assisted/independent living. That said, it’s designed a program that addresses these unique needs.  See more of what they’ve accomplished on

Igor Cornelsen Knows Brazilian Investing Better Than Anyone

Igor Cornelsen is one of the best investors in the world, and he is the best authority on Brazil and their economy. The economy is hard to navigate, but Mr. Igor Cornelsen knows how to get through it easily. There are a lot of rules that people need to follow when they start spending money in Brazil on, and they can learn those rules from Mr. Cornelsen. He will show people exactly what they need to do when they start, and he will make it very easy for people to make the right decisions.

There are a lot of people who are going to need this advice because they do not know where to start, and they need to get help dealing with the government when they are using foreign currency.

Some people that are investing in Brazil are going to need to make sure that they are going to know what all the companies in the country are going to be doing every year. The country is gaining more companies every year, and those companies on all have their own business plan. Getting to know locals who work with these companies is going to make it much easier for people to make a decision about where they are investing.

Someone who is trying to get better results from all their investments needs to think about how they are going to make more money by picking out the things that they think make the most sense for them. Igor Cornelsen has his finger on the pulse of Brazil, and he shows people how they can choose the right companies to invest in. Someone who is trying to get better results from their investments can spread their money out between a lot of different companies. These companies are going to be growing at their own rate, and not all of them are supposed to be ready for specific events. Some people can get in early before the Olympics, but others have to think of a long term plan because there is so much to consider.

Igor Cornelsen makes it very easy for people to make money on Brazil. There are a lot of things to invest in, and people are going to choose those places to invest based on what Mr. Cornelsen says. He will help people make the right choices, and he will teach them to do research. Igor Cornelsen makes the process of investing in Brazil really simple.

Wen Wins Over Pro Stylist Emily McClure | Bustle Magazine

Wen hair by Chaz is a conditioning hair care system formulated to deeply clean your hair and scalp without the need to lather-rinse and repeat. It’s a system for those with many types of hair challenges, from texture to volume to dryness or oiliness. The Wen hair care system product being reviewed is the “Fig” version that was chosen by Emily McClure to review in Bustle magazine.
Emily is a professional hair stylist and a girl with some very fine hair and oily scalp tendency. She also uses a lot of styling product day to day. The WEN hair care system is one that can mix well with the styling products but depending on the person may take a few days to a week for it to settle into the chemistry of the person and the ingredients in the products they use. Wen is on the purer end so some chemicals may disrupt it a bit. Not on the cleaning end but on the styling end. Generally-speaking, time after time, Wen comes out on top regardless of what the user puts on their hair.

Emily noticed that her hair took the product quite well and she didn’t even use the recommended amount for fear her hair would be weighed down. It made, as she said, her hair feel thicker and even visibly reduced the number of strands that fell into the bottom of the shower. This was very impressive to her because she treats her hair with so much volumizing QVC advertised product that this was a breath of fresh air. Within the 5 days of the trial she determined that she would be using it going forward. She did admit that she is a bit lazier with her hair and she would use Wen when she would be washing her hair more.

Brad Reifler’s Five Principles On Investing Wisely On Any Income

Considering that the national debt stands at or around 19 trillion dollars, it is no surprise that Americans are also in personal financial crises. “Forty-four percent of people have less than six-thousand dollars in savings” Bradley Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC states in Reuters article titled “Reuters Top Five”. After identifying the huge gap that financial services offered, he shifted his company’s focus to the remaining 99% of people that are not classified as an “accredited investor”. Meaning those of us that are worth less than one million and make less than 200k/annually, fall into the 99% category. So how does the average middle class attain a piece of the investment pie and prepare for college, retirement, or build a nest egg?

Reifler answered that question by building a company based on trust and empowering his clients with the knowledge to not only invest but to also build a solid retirement. He highlighted the power of compounding interest and the options the middle class actually do have when it comes to investing their money. Below is a recap of the five principles that Reifler explains in the article for anyone with an income.

Resist putting all of your money on the stock market, build trust in the people managing your funds, and see what works for your investments. Gradually add to the successful accounts and revaluate others.  See Brad’s Wikipedia for more.

Why Kyle Bass Should Be Dismissed As An Economic Analyst

Since 2008, all of Kyle Baas economic predictions have gone wrong, many of which taking place on his blog. This includes his Argentina economic prediction, his Japan economic prediction and his sovereign debt prediction on the European economy. Kyle Bass has appeared in TV severally pushing for his so called predictions. In every economic forum that he was invited to, Kyle Bass did not miss to mention his predictions. In 2014, he was campaigning for his prediction on the Japanese economy. On this particular case, Kyle Bass had predicted the downfall of the Japanese economy by the end of 2015. This prediction faced numerous opposition and critics from the business community about its validity. The year 2015 came and passed and on the contrary, the Japanese economy was growing.

This hedge fund business person and owner of Hayman Capital Management has numerous failed economic predictions under his belt. His other rogue economic prediction was on the Argentinian economy. On this prediction, Kyle Bass stood against all the other famous economic analyst and supported these countries economic reforms. As other economic analysts criticized the economic changes in Argentina that were being undertaken by Cristina Kirchner, who was then the despot, Kyle Bass supported them. Kyle Bass never hesitated to praise Cristina Kirchner and her poor economic reformist policies. Then the poor economic policies started taking a toll on the Argentinian economy and the country’s economy crumbled.

But just how did Kyle Bass become an economic analyst? Before the 2008 global markets crisis, this Hayman Capital Management founder was just a mere business person in the hedge fund sector. During this time, he was struggling to get clients to his firm and make it grow. The 2008 global markets crisis luckily found him in a ready position. He was well prepared, and he was aiming at the subprime mortgage crisis. As this crisis unveiled, Kyle Bass approached investment banks offering to buy the subprime mortgages.

Later after the crisis, he started reselling the mortgages and made huge profits. At this time is when he proclaimed himself a financial and economic analyst. But then it seems that his well ran dry after the 2008 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis or he just got lucky that one time. Kyle Bass has not only been making wrong predictions but also wrong investment moves. His Hayman Capital Management is currently one of the biggest loss makers in the market.

Helanie Morrison Ushers in a New Era of Corporations

Helane Morrison is one person who is not to be messed with when it comes to corporate handling. She is one of the people that have revealed a lot of fraud in the past few years. During the downturn of the economy, a lot of mishandling of business has been found from destroyed documents to false claims. This has caused people including me to lose their trust in the market as a whole. To make things worse, there may be further problems to face later on almost ten years later. Helane Morrison has not only revealed corporate corruption, but she ahs also been very influential in equality in the workplace. This is in fact her new cause.

Helane Morrison has always been very passionate about ethics and equality. She has got her beginning in Brooklyn and has moved west after gaining her degree in Journalism. While studying to become a compliance officer, Helane Morrison worked as the Editor in Chief of the law review of the University of California School of Law. She has learned the most from a mentor that was the champion for human rights. She has learned from him how tough the corporate world could be due to certain people being hostile and even threatening to people who dare challenge the status quo. This is exactly what Helane Morrison strived to do during her time at the SEC in San Francisco.

In the late eighties and early nineties, she has worked for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. During her time over there, he has learned that she is going to be involved in uncovering violation to the laws of security for a good chunk of her career. Therefore, she has climbed the ladder in uncovering corruption in the corporate world.

I for one am always surprised to find corruption in the workplace no matter how much I find. I have seen plenty of unethical methods and actions done on account of businesses. I am glad that people like Helane Morrison are available to fight this.

Video Chat from Talk Fusion Receives Widespread Positive Market Reception

Talk Fusion’s new and highly innovative product, Video Chat, has received an overwhelming market reception throughout the world. This is good news for the company because it shows the support and confidence that customers have in its products. Already, video chat is currently ranked as the most used communications application within Indonesia. It has climbed to number 5 among the most used apps in Japan while in Switzerland, it is at number 20 and climbing.

The reason why Video Chat has done so well so far is because it allows faster and smarter communication and is also highly compatible with different devices including personal computers, tablets, Android and Apple. Customers like Nancy Burling, from the company Grand Blue Diamond, has expressed utter delight at the product saying that it is a first in the market. Steven Baran has also expressed his appreciation and love for Video Chat. He has reiterated that he is anxious of future product launches from Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is making final preparations for its eagerly awaited free trial period that will last for an incredible 30 days. Allison Roberts from Talk Fusion’s Training and Development department, said that the company is seeking to capitalize on the endless opportunities that would be provided once people get to know and use all of its sizzling products.

Talk fusion is currently one of the leading and fastest growing video content provider globally. The firm was started by one time police officer, Bob Reina. In 2004, Reina wanted to contact his friends through email and embed a small video in it. However, his request was shot down by America Online who was adamant that it was impossible to do so. Not one to back down, he eventually created the technology that allowed the fusion of emails and videos together with an IT friend.

Some of its notable products include the recently launched Video Chat, video conferencing facilities, live meetings, video email and video newsletters. It connects people in different parts of the world.


Argentina Poised for Explosive Growth

Within the financial markets, there are few stories as intriguing as Argentina. Back in 2001, the country fell on hard times with a record-setting $95 billion default of its sovereign bonds. Even with this setback the country serviced its debt up until 2014 when former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner defied court orders and stopped payments. This action led to Argentina being barred from the sovereign bond market completely and left many debt holders in a waiting game position.

One of the largest holders of these Argentina bonds was Highland Capital Management and its President James Dondero. Jim had speculated that Argentina is a country with plentiful natural resources. This resource abundance coupled with the countries inability to find funds would lead to an eventual decision. Would the country become totally insolvent or restructure its debt and payout the debtholders? The answer to this question came in 2015 when President Mauricio Macri was elected on a campaign platform to revive the Argentinian economy.

James has been watching the re-emergence of Argentina to the sovereign bond markets with great interest. Not only will the long term bonds that Highland Capital Management pay out a significant annual rate topping 20% but Jim is also looking for future investments with the country. He is so confident in the potential of an Argentinian return to the sovereign bond market that he believes other investors will be interested too. To tap into this interest Highland Capital Management is considering setting up an Argentina fund which would enable investors to put money into the country in other ways beyond bonds. This fund would focus on infrastructure, resource development, social development, and other forms of growing the countries economy directly.

In addition to the Argentina Fund which Highland Capital Management is considering, they are also planning to re-invest in Argentinian bonds. The country is planning on issuing $12 billion of new bonds in 5, 10, and 30-year time horizons. These bonds will be issued under New York law making them reassuring to investors who are not as confident in Argentina as Highland Capital Management. With all of this taken into account this Latin American country is poised to become one of the strongest economies in the developing world.

Follow James on Twitter to stay up to date on Highland Capital Investments.

Source: Bloomberg

Charles Koch Gives For A Good Cause

George Mason University has built a conservative powerhouse when it comes to economics as well as law. This public school outside the capital has in turn earned tens of millions of dollars from a billionaire Republican donor known as Charles Koch.
Tax records of this school have shown that the Charles Koch Foundation has given up to $48 million to this learning institution. Koch has a tendency of donating up to 20 million of dollars to different schools every year. However, these schools would only get $1 million annually while the George Mason University got up to $48 million. Several billionaires commit some of their money to educational purposes, the large amounts sent to this university has raised eyebrows especially among the faculty and the students of other institutions alike.

The suspicion is based on why the billionaire is determined to put in so much money without a motive. A majority of other donators put in vast sums of money for a particular purpose such as a research program. However, earlier in the year other billionaires have joined in the trend of donating to schools without expecting something in return. For instance, Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike Inc. gave a $400million scholarship to Stanford University.

All the same, there are those who support the deeds and appreciate the thought behind it by commenting that there is no harm in giving and expecting nothing in return. The Koch industry has also been giving a lot of financial aid to the educational institution from a long time back. This giving habit has only strengthened the relationship between the law school and the Koch Foundation. Recently, he gave them a $10 million gift. At the same time, the university received an anonymous reward of $20 million to aid in renaming the school.

These individuals closing the tie include the vice president of Koch Industries, Richard Fink, the CEO of a grant-making foundation with close connections to Koch as well as Jon McCain. Also, Charles Koch is the chairman of the IHS Board and a member of the Mercatus board.

Charles Koch is a businessman in the U.S as well as a philanthropist. He is not only the chief executive officer of Koch Industries but also the co-owner of the company after inheriting it from his father alongside his brother, David Koch. The two brothers expanded the business such that it did not deal with just oil refining and chemicals but also fibers, polymers, fertilizers, and minerals.