Planning an important party or event can be very stressful or intimidating for many of us, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. The first of course is to organize. Plan out what you want, how you want it and who you want to be there and build from there. This is something that needs to be written down or on a computer. Brainstorm your ideas and build everything from there.


Create your tasks and subtasks and check them off as your complete them. The list can be edited as you go along and adapt but you will still have your foundation of ideas. Be sure to include your items for shopping such as food, photography, dietary restrictions from your guests, etc. Don’t forget to also create the invitations and have the guests RSVP.


Be creative with your event and create a theme whether it be for a birthday, wedding, business event. It will make the event more fun and your ideas will almost flow to come together. It is also a great hit with guests. Set up a self-serve bar for your guests. Throw in 2 – 3 types of liquor and some festive decorations. One thing often overlooked is the appetizers. You don’t have to go overboard on this. Simple is better and the guests will enjoy them just as much. Buy ready made ingredients and whip them together with ease.


Most all have kids. If kids will be at the event it is often nice to set up a kids area as well. The kids and adults will both enjoy the experience more because of it and allow the kids to mingle with people their own age. Decorations with cupcakes and other fun themed images will be a huge hit with them too. Just like the appetizers, a simple table setting will go a long way and still appear elegant. Most importantly stay relaxed. Imperfections and unexpected things always happen. You will be critiquing them with a magnifying glass, but your invites probably won’t even notice.


Of course, there are event planning companies that can do all the heavy lifting and allow you to completely emergence yourself in the party for the ultimate experience. In the event of corporate events, we often have enough stress in our daily job so a great way to prepare for an event is to use Twenty Three Layers.


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