U.S. Money Reserve recently had a complete re-design of their website. The new and improved site proves that they are the leader in the precious metal industry. The site also provides insight to the values of commitment and trust that the company holds. The update to the website also includes new photographs of the people who run the company. The overall goal of the new website is to educate customers about the benefits of owning government-issued bullion and to make it easy for them to purchase precious metals.


Once a customer enters the website, they are able to see the competitive pricing on bullion bars. It also offers PCGS certified coins for people who are purchasing precious metals. People visiting the new website also have the ability to order a gold information kit and visit the knowledge center. The knowledge center offers information about precious metals and the terms people need to be familiar with when they are coin minting, grading and purchasing.


The new website also has a Client-Connect Advantage space; this allows U.S. Money Reserve to contact them and offer the clients one-on-one consultations, special releases, assistance with making specific purchases and offline transactions that are secure. U.S. Money Reserve prides itself on their customer service. One way that they have great customer service is by allowing market value refunds on all certified coin orders within 30 days.


U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has since grown into the largest distributors of government-issued gold, silver and platinum. Phillip N Diehl, former Director of the U.S. Mint, is the current President of U.S. Money Reserve. Mr. Diehl wants to help bridge the gap between public service and financial freedom. His experience at the Mint has given him the knowledge he needs about precious metals. Mr. Diehl also has a strong commitment to customer service.


The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts allowing them to offer the highest potential profit to their clients. U.S. Money Reserve is proud that they have become the most trusted in the industry. The team has made several commitments to their clients including: that they insure 100% satisfaction, they will be clear and transparent about what clients are purchasing, they will offer specific recommendations, they aren’t a one time shop and plan on serving clients for a lifetime, and they offer a buyback guarantee on qualifying purchases.


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