Richard, “Rick” Smith has been the chief executive officer, president and chairman of Securus Technologies since June 2008. The company has since then landed more contracts, developed a series of patented technologies, and employed more personnel. Through his leadership, employees Securus Technologies today share in the company’s vision. As a result, the company has become a daunting competitor in the corrections market.


One thing Rick Smith seems to understand is the importance of education in leadership and being an expert in any industry. On top of having a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Buffalo’s State University of New York, he also holds two masters degrees. He obtained his MBA from the Rochester-based Simon School and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Brock Port State University of New York. Rick also received an associate bachelor’s degree in applied science in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Rick Smith has an extensive career history in technology industry dating back to 1992 when he worked with Global Crossing, formerly known as Frontier Corp. The leadership positions he held at the company include; Controller, Network plant operations’ director, IT president, and director of business development. Due to his exemplary leadership, he was promoted in 1997 to be the vice president in charge of financial management. Read more articles at

In 1998, he joined Eschelon Technologies as a chief financial officer. A year later he got promoted to the position of the Chief Operations Officer. Rick Smith’s impressive results led him to be appointed the company’s president in 2000. He worked as the President until 2003 when he became the company’s CEO. Under his guidance, the revenue of the company grew to over $350 million from $30 million. This stellar record helped the company in 2005 to come out with a successful IPO, initial public offering.

As CEO of Securus, Mr. Rick oversees the daily operations of the prison technology giant. His role involves participating in the development and execution of Securus Technologies’ expansion plans. The company has since invested $600 million in advancing the technology solutions it offers. He has also transformed the company’s workplace. The professionals are doing their best to develop products that improve the operations of their clients.

In the past years, Securus has received more emails and letters appreciating their services. The gratitude shows that the insightful leadership of Rick Smith has improved the quality of customer services. Mr. Rick plans to expand the services of secures to all prisons in North America. He has shown willingness to face new challenges with the same zeal that made him a great leader at Global Crossing and Eschelon. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.