Low-income public schools have always been at a disadvantage in terms of educational success. Traditionally, thousands of schools that reside in poverty stricken and downtrodden areas have always underperformed when compared to adequately funded schools. Students who attend public schools in low-income communities often fail on testing and they usually do not achieve academic success.


Rocketship Education was established to improve the quality of education for low-income students. The school’s founders, Preston Smith and John Danner, wanted to ensure that children in poorer communities received a top-notch education. Many public schools in those areas do not have the resources, funding, trained staff or even the desire to improve a child’s education. As a result, the students suffer academically.


One way that Rocketship education overcomes the achievement gap is by focusing on student stability. They make sure that their students have a stable home life. This is essential for helping to students to perform at a high level. Another way that Rocketship helps to close the achievement gap is by implementing a challenging curriculum that will challenge a student’s mind.


Disciplines such as STEM classes, technology and basic education principles are given to the students. The student body at Rocketship ranges from kindergarten to fifth grade. Teachers at the school thoroughly educate the students so that they will build a strong foundation that will serve them once they leave the school. Kids not only learn their ABCs and how to count; they also are exposed to some basic engineering and technology principles.


Rocketship focuses on technology preparation for students as well. Computer classes and digital instruction is also a part of a student’s learning. The school also requires their teachers to make at least one home visit for each of their students. This action is another proven way that teachers are able to help improve their student’s success rate.


The achievement gap is being closed at Rocketship. Many students are being given the support, resources and proper training that they need to succeed. They are being given top-notch instruction on how to take tests. They know the material they will need to master before they can move up in grade level. Rocketship Education really helps their students to close the achievement gap by giving them the help they need to be successful.