Law enforcement industries need frequent updating and have to make regular progress with respect to the technology advancements. The criminals are become smarter in the recent years, especially due to the advancements in technology, better organization channels, and more. The technology advancements, new generation criminals, sophisticated criminal gangs, changing strategies of terrorists, and more are making significant challenges to the people who are serving in the law enforcement industry. The industry looks for professionals who have an extra eye to catch details and understand the requirements and complexities of current-day law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes is an ideal example of how an executive in law enforcement industry should be.



Fowlkes is currently working as a BDM at the renowned defense sector firm, Eagle Industries Unlimited. He takes care of the commercial as well as the law enforcement products of the company. He calls up customers nationwide, choosing products for development and sale, and ensuring product education to more than 150 sales personals. Fowlkes has decades of experience in working in law enforcement and defense areas. A large percentage of those responsibilities was tasked by the United States government. While working with JIEDDO as a defense service contractor, he served in Iraq by being part of the United States Army.



During those days, Fowlkes took care of mounting and discharging army operations in the battlefields. Apart from that, he was held responsible for training the army personals of the United States in tactical operations, hostage rescue as well as CBQ, evidence collection, post-blast analysis, and tactical way of questioning the detained people. Fowlkes also has at least 13 years of law enforcement exposure in the mainland United States as he worked being part of St. Louis Metropolitan Department of Police for 10 years and of St. Louis County Department for three years. While working with Metropolitans Police, he was part of the HRT unit during the last seven years.



After getting promotion as a team leader of the operations in the year 2003, Fowlkes became a certified instructor in various operations including defense tactics, urban warfare tactics, shoot-house training, SWAT tactics, tactical rifle, and more. The team executed over 250 high-risk entries per year including hostage handling, barricaded subjects, and many other critical operations. When the unit was not deployed for operations, it also conducted self-initiated investigations and actions targeting trading of narcotics, unlawful gun possession, gang activity, and more.



Interestingly, Fowlkes was part of Marine Corps of the United States during 1989 to 1993 and took part in the First Gulf War. During the period, he got promoted two times considering his contributions. Fowlkes completed Marine Combat Training, ANGLICO basic course, and Basic Engineer course during those years. He also conducted many small unit parachute operations as part of 1st ANGLICO and completed many naval and air gunfire missions.