Diversity provides a unique opportunity for corporations, it has been proven to aid in the success of a company. Companies that make diversity a priority tend to be more open to ideas, and have more ideas to draw from. So it’s staggering that more companies don’t make diversity a priority, if for no other reason than the potential gains. One person who has seen the benefits and championed diversity is Susan Galla. Susan Galla has led through example, challenging the lack of women in leadership roles by working up to them herself. Growing up, Galla spent a lot of time with her brothers and her father and has utilized this experience to work well with both men and women. Her father being a coach, and having two brothers, Galla learned the value of hard work, a lesson she attributes to her success.

Galla spent the early years of her career working her way up at American Eagle Outfitters.At the time, the company had exclusively male executives. Before leaving American Eagle Outfitters, however, Galla achieved the rank of president. She is also the founder of P3 Executive consulting and currently acts as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers.

Galla never misses an opportunity to share her success story with an interested audience. She has even given speeches for the women and girl’s foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University speaker series for CEOs. Galla feels like her speeches provide a unique and genuine message, a relief from common pitfalls such as cliché buzzwords or impractical advice. Recently she has noticed a pleasant shift in her audiences. Galla notes that increasingly those attending these speeches want to be noticed less as women and more for their ideas. A trend that she finds encouraging and she hopes continues. Ultimately, Susan Galla believes that women in the workplace will strengthen any company they are a part of, not for their genders, but for the ideas they can bring to the table.