Smartphones have caught on so much that it is not only the most used device for taking and receiving calls but also the most used device for media consumption in general. One of the major advantages of smartphones is that people can do almost anything with them. For one thing, a lot of people are watching shows on their smartphones. Many of the recent smartphones have the most advanced sound chip which allows people to listen to their audio at the highest limit that their listening device would allow for. Earlier smartphones and tablets had a rather weak sound to them that carried through the headphones. It required an equalizer to bring about a more powerful sound at the expense of volume.

Of course there is an attempt to come up with a device that is going to take over from the smartphone as the most widely used device. The only issue is that this is a hard feat to pull off. For one thing, smartphones fulfill a need. This need is for people to get in touch with one another. At the same time, the apps and the access to other forms of media make it easier for people to access social apps that enable them to connect with others.

In order for the device to be the next smartphone it has to go everywhere. Given the type of device the smartphone, it is very hard to imagine what the next device is going to be. After all, the smartphone has merged multiple forms of media into one portable handheld device. It is hard for someone to come up with something that offers the innovation and the convenience that a smartphone has. However, there is at least one great mind that is going to be able to crack this puzzle.