Fans of Amazon and Alexa will be happy to read a review of the new Echo Show device that The Verge has published. Amazon customers that already own the Echo device may have found themselves interested in the new show version of the product without being able to determine if it is something worth the investment. The short answer to that question is yes, you should consider buying an Echo Show if you are already a fan of the original Echo. There are a lot of improvements that the screen will provide that would ensure your daily experience is simply better than it has been with the basic Echo. An example of this would be the ability to display lyrics when you ask the device to play music. If you listen to a considerable amount of music with the regular Echo, you would be able to see a significant improvement with the addition of lyrics on screen. Also, the speakers on the Show are much improved compared to the older Echo. Another vast difference that you are going to appreciate would be the visual representation of things such as timers and weather, this is a vastly improved way to see all of your information quickly. You can have Alexa show you things and watch videos on Youtube. Of course, you can see products on Amazon by making use of the screen for the purposes of shopping.

These improvements are the most noticeable, they rank highly amongst the reasons that you should consider purchasing this device as an upgrade. However, you are also going to find that the video calling feature is a lot of fun when trying to communicate with friends and family in the kitchen. Although the camera quality isn’t the best, it works well for chatting in this area of your home. Echo fans should pick this device up from Amazon now for an enjoyable experience.