Excitement and curiosity about Elon Musk’s hyperloop, has been building. In a piece published on Reddit early Tuesday, it was reported that Musk just announced he had received “…verbal government approval…” to move ahead with the hyperloop project, connecting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. Many people were unsure about what exactly verbal approval might mean, however, Elon later clarified that there was “[s]till a lot of work needed to receive formal approval”, but he remains optimistic.

Many people are more curious to know what exactly the Hyperloop is. Elon describes the hyperloop as closed loop system of underground tubes, best suited for distances of less than 500 miles. Low pressure pods will glide at top speeds, (possibly over 700 miles per hour), over air bearings, floating in a way that is similar to a puck across an air-hockey table.

While Musk made the idea available to outside organizations in 2013, his renewed interest in the project has generated lots of excitement. At this point Elon has not stated whether he plans to work with one of these outside engineering organizations, or develop the transportation technology using his own company.

The ability to move over great distances at increased speed, is something that has already revolutionized our world several times over, and the implementation of this technology is no different. The actuality of a hyperloop could see commuters living in Philadelphia and commuting to work in NYC every day. The hyperloop could also greatly alleviate traffic in these areas. While the future of the hyperloop remains uncertain, many are excited by the possibilities this proposed transportation innovation may bring.