Magnises, the social gathering club for young millennials looking for an upscale, VIP business network has been getting a lot of attention lately for it’s innovative business structure. Magnises was created by the up and coming tech entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, a twenty four year old computer engineering whiz who graduated from Bucknell University and the Pingry School.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland has publicly stated in the past that the primary reason for creating the company was to help young businessmen and businesswomen build “the perfect network.”

Magnises is far from Billy McFarland’s first business outing, as he had been involved with all kinds of start ups over the years, however, his first majorly successful business was Spling. Spling was (and still is) a wholly online company focused entirely on helping companies bolster their social media presence and boost ad revenue influx by increasing things like visual representation and SEO content.

Magnises’ success, Mr. McFarland contends, is due primarily to two main factors, the unique platform which the service provides and its trendy nature. The former reason is due to the fact that Magnises provides, not just a business platform, but also a networking landscape.

With Magnises, not only will users be able to get substantive discounts on a wide variety of businesses, such as restaurants and clubs, but it also provides things like VIP opportunities to meet with celebrities and business owners like Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

The latter reason is due to the fact that Magnises opportunities are only able to be accessed via a small, eye catching black metal business card, which functions basically the same as a credit card. And, after all, everyone carries a credit card nowadays.