The digital revolution includes a lot of changes for artificial intelligence. It is shaping business, fashions and products for the future. The web is always full of predictions for the future especially regarding new technologies. Artificial intelligence is playing a role in driving recommendations, customer service and search responses. The idea is to go back in time to when business owners knew their customers. Modern technology is improving the value received by today’s shoppers in the real world and on the internet.

Artificial Intelligence is being used for chatbots. This is a customer service tool being used by many of the popular brands for beauty and fashion. It is primarily used in the messaging space and has been successful in converting new customers. Emphasis is being placed on a style of shopping without the friction. Todays customers expect to get exactly what they want easily and quickly including when they pay for their purchases. The Internet of Things is connecting stores, fitting rooms, checkouts and more. This is the level of convenience consumers want and are beginning to expect. For even more information on the future of technology please visit

The Internet of Things will require a voice interface. This is becoming a huge platform and Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have already become major players. This is about so much more than having an impact of consumer goods. Fashion brands will be able to experiment and find a potentially new future for their brands. A prediction has been made by Mary Meeker of KPBC that by the year 2010 at least half of all web searches will be using either image or voice searches as opposed to text. This will be more convenient and efficient than typing and the reason why voice interfaces are creating a new world for humans interactions with computers.