If there is any doubt that self-driving cars are coming, then you need only look at the number of car companies that are trying to come up with their own kind of autonomous cars. Toyota is the latest company to roll out their own line of cars and they have started some substantial testing of this technology at a well known proving ground in Concord, California.

Techcrunch reports that Toyota’s research institute is going through the testing phase of its autonomous vehicle tech. The cars Toyota is working on were being driven at the GoMentum Station, which is a 5,000-acre test track that is geared specifically for self-driving technology. The area has been cut out specifically so that these kinds fo cars can be driven around and put through their paces without any danger of damage or injuries being done.

GoMentum is one of 10 of these facilities that exist throughout the country and most of them as the Concord site is, are accessible by any companies that want to give their tech a testing. There is of course, the notion that other firms will be able to see what exactly is being tested, but there are security steps put in place so companies can breathe a little easier on issues like that.

The U.S. Department of transportation has been fully supportive of these sites in the recent past, precisely because it will help drive advancements in the technology in general. There will also be a kind of baseline when it comes to this tech. There’s very little doubt that the federal government has a dog in the race when it comes to making sure that all companies that want to come up with tech in this area, do so correctly.

The testing sites like GoMentum are there for firms like Toyota so that their advancements will allow for safe and secure self-driving cars. The time when these will be all over the road is coming quickly.