The Waiakea water company has recently been the topic of discussion among health food blogs and magazines because of the company’s role in the popularization of volcanic water. Company leaders have announced that the spread of the water’s popularity in the U.S. has been caused, in large part, by the company’s provision of educational literature about the product’s benefits.

Because Waiakea has adamantly focused on the education of citizens regarding their water consumption habits, love of volcanic water has exploded in the United States. The popularity of the company’s volcanic water is evident because of the rise in sales of volcanic water, the improved traffic to the company’s blog, and the growing amount of media attention the company has received.

Rise in Volcanic Water Sales

The most apparent marker of the growing popularity of volcanic water in the United States is the rise in sales at Waiakea. Waiakea Spring, the volcanic water company’s distribution facility, reported that the orders placed in the last 12 months of the company’s operation have more than tripled the previous year’s sales. While it is unclear why the popularity of the company has grown so swiftly, it is obvious that Waiakea delivers a product that Americans love.

Improved Traffic to Company’s Blog

Waiakea Water company has also experienced a surge in traffic to the Waiakea blog. The company’s online presence has gradually become more and more reputable over the course of several years. The site is currently the first search result listed by Google for the phrase, “volcanic water.”

Waiakea’s executives believe that the company’s drastically increased website presence is directly correlated to the surge in Waiakea’s product sales. Traffic to the company’s website is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Growing Amount of Media Attention

Waiakea’s executives have also noticed an ever-increasing amount of attention from news outlets and health magazines. This attention has been attributed to the increasing success of the company and the notoriety of volcanic water brand.

Waiakea water executives have placed much time and energy into the development of campaigns that would cause attention to be brought to the goals of the company and are extremely pleased to be receiving the media attention that is currently available to the company.

Executives have stated that the increase in sales, website traffic, and media attention will be used to further the causes and goals of the Waiakea production company.

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