Wen hair by Chaz is a conditioning hair care system formulated to deeply clean your hair and scalp without the need to lather-rinse and repeat. It’s a system for those with many types of hair challenges, from texture to volume to dryness or oiliness. The Wen hair care system product being reviewed is the “Fig” version that was chosen by Emily McClure to review in Bustle magazine.
Emily is a professional hair stylist and a girl with some very fine hair and oily scalp tendency. She also uses a lot of styling product day to day. The WEN hair care system is one that can mix well with the styling products but depending on the person may take a few days to a week for it to settle into the chemistry of the person and the ingredients in the products they use. Wen is on the purer end so some chemicals may disrupt it a bit. Not on the cleaning end but on the styling end. Generally-speaking, time after time, Wen comes out on top regardless of what the user puts on their hair.

Emily noticed that her hair took the product quite well and she didn’t even use the recommended amount for fear her hair would be weighed down. It made, as she said, her hair feel thicker and even visibly reduced the number of strands that fell into the bottom of the shower. This was very impressive to her because she treats her hair with so much volumizing QVC advertised product that this was a breath of fresh air. Within the 5 days of the trial she determined that she would be using it going forward. She did admit that she is a bit lazier with her hair and she would use Wen when she would be washing her hair more.