Since 2008, all of Kyle Baas economic predictions have gone wrong, many of which taking place on his blog. This includes his Argentina economic prediction, his Japan economic prediction and his sovereign debt prediction on the European economy. Kyle Bass has appeared in TV severally pushing for his so called predictions. In every economic forum that he was invited to, Kyle Bass did not miss to mention his predictions. In 2014, he was campaigning for his prediction on the Japanese economy. On this particular case, Kyle Bass had predicted the downfall of the Japanese economy by the end of 2015. This prediction faced numerous opposition and critics from the business community about its validity. The year 2015 came and passed and on the contrary, the Japanese economy was growing.

This hedge fund business person and owner of Hayman Capital Management has numerous failed economic predictions under his belt. His other rogue economic prediction was on the Argentinian economy. On this prediction, Kyle Bass stood against all the other famous economic analyst and supported these countries economic reforms. As other economic analysts criticized the economic changes in Argentina that were being undertaken by Cristina Kirchner, who was then the despot, Kyle Bass supported them. Kyle Bass never hesitated to praise Cristina Kirchner and her poor economic reformist policies. Then the poor economic policies started taking a toll on the Argentinian economy and the country’s economy crumbled.

But just how did Kyle Bass become an economic analyst? Before the 2008 global markets crisis, this Hayman Capital Management founder was just a mere business person in the hedge fund sector. During this time, he was struggling to get clients to his firm and make it grow. The 2008 global markets crisis luckily found him in a ready position. He was well prepared, and he was aiming at the subprime mortgage crisis. As this crisis unveiled, Kyle Bass approached investment banks offering to buy the subprime mortgages.

Later after the crisis, he started reselling the mortgages and made huge profits. At this time is when he proclaimed himself a financial and economic analyst. But then it seems that his well ran dry after the 2008 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis or he just got lucky that one time. Kyle Bass has not only been making wrong predictions but also wrong investment moves. His Hayman Capital Management is currently one of the biggest loss makers in the market.